Top 5 movies moments

5. “Machete don’t text” Think texting in movies is annoying? So does Machete.

4. “Toy Story 3’s” incinerator scene It’s hard to imagine the best action scene of the year happened in a 10-foot long box. Pixar stuffed so much drama, so much emotion and so much character into animated toys, we’re convinced they could make our toothbrushes into action heroes.

  1. “Tron: Legacy’s” “Derezzed” trailer Fans have been waiting 28 years for a sequel to 1982’s “Tron.” Then, with only two months before the much-anticipated follow-up, this gorgeous trailer/music video comes out, making the wait oh so much harder.

2. “You better lawyer up, asshole!” Before we sat down in the theater to watch “The Social Network,” we knew this was coming: At some point, Zuckerberg was going to betray poor Eduardo. What we couldn’t have known was how heartbreaking the computer-smashing, tear-filled Hulk-out that ensued would be. Oscar nomination ahoy!

1. “Catfish” twist You might be skeptical that the top spot goes to a movie that hit theaters less than a month ago, but anyone who’s seen “Catfish” will undoubtedly agree it was one of the most surprising twists, not just of this year, but of all time.

Honorable Mention: 3D penis in “Piranha 3D” Don’t feel shafted. With stiff competition from all the other great movie moments this year, there’s no shame with sixth place. You still stood up quite well.

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