Swipe right for a good night

Need a date? There’s an app for that.

Tinder, Grindr, Happn — oh my! We’ve taken the dating game out of the real world and into the app world with the introduction of more and more dating apps available on your smartphone. Just a few to keep on your screen if you’re still unhappily single come Valentine’s Day:

Tinder: Tinder shows you pictures of people in your area along with a small bio. If you’re interested, you swipe right. If the other person swiped right on your photo, you’re matched and can start a conversation. Best for: Someone looking for a date tonight, but rumor has it some serious relationships have actually started on Tinder. Beware of the unsolicited verbal assault and creepy pick-up lines, as you’ll have to weed through some strange people to find a date. Price: Free, but an upgraded version will soon be available for purchase.
Available for: Apple, Android

Grindr: Basically Tinder, minus women. Great for meeting men without awkwardly trying to guess if they play for your team or not. Price: Free. Grindr Xtra is also available for $.99 Available for: Apple, Android

Happn: Happn uses your location to match you with people you’ve been near in the past few days. It tells you where you were when you were near each other and how many times you’ve crossed paths, along with pictures of them. You can label them as a “crush” and if they’ve done the same to you, you are matched and can start a conversation. It’s kind of creepy if you think about it, but also convenient. Probably better for those looking for a relationship than an app like Tinder would be. Price: Free Available for: Apple, Android

The League: Not available in Columbia yet, and you’ll be placed on a waiting list for now. However, The League is a lot like Tinder, only more professional. It’s more of a dating site for future power couples than for people just looking for a hookup. It even connects to your LinkedIn account to make sure the people you match with aren’t jobless stoners with no goals, or even worse, your coworkers. It’s pretty cool, but for now we’re still waiting for it to reach Columbia. Price: Free Available for: Apple, Android

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