Staying professional and fashion-forward with Dr. Jaime Mestres

TAM adviser speaks on dressing appropriately for the situation

Textile and Apparel Management adviser Jaime Mestres has had a passion for clothing for years. She attended MU for her master’s degree and doctoral degree in TAM, and she has been working to help students at the university ever since.

MOVE met with her to ask for advice on how to dress and act professionally, and these were her main tips to land the job:

  1. Do your research. “I think that you really need to know the industry that you want to work for or if you are looking to dress for a student event (like a career fair), know the expectations.”

  2. Know the difference between business and business casual. “For men, business would be a suit and a jacket, along with a shirt, tie and dress shoes. For a woman, a suit-jacket, shirt, pants or a skirt, and comfortable shoes would work. A modest dress and a blazer along with nice, comfortable shoes would be appropriate, as well.”

  3. Use your resources. “We have great career centers on campus that can help you succeed. The faculty in your respective major are also great resources.”

  4. Ask questions. “Ask yourself lots of questions. Can I wear this? Can I not wear this? Is it this appropriate?”

  5. When in doubt, aim for more modesty. “You have to make sure that you don’t have too much makeup caked on, and you don’t want your hair to be in the way. Don’t wear big funky jewelry or even perfume.”

  6. Have a nice professional bag. “You need a bag to keep your professional documents in. Have something that you can easily access when you are at a career fair or at an interview.”

  7. Have separates. “Have separates that you can mix and match. That way you can always look fresh, especially since you will be going to multiple interviews with one company.”

  8. Be confident. “Make sure that you have clothes that make you feel confident so that you can be yourself during the interview.”

  9. Be prepared. “Who are you talking to? Give your speech first, and really sell yourself to the company.”

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