Movie review: ‘Enemies Closer’

Wait until this flick hits Netflix.

This small-budget film uses the classic approach of taking two plots and intertwining them to create a perfectly dramatic hot mess.

The main plot consists of a French-Canadian drug lord (Jean-Claude Van Damme), on a bloodthirsty hunt for a large amount of heroin lost in a lake surrounding a tourist-packed island. The park ranger of the island, Henry (Tom Everett Scott), falls victim to the drug-seeking men, but he possesses a skill they desire — which may just be the key to his survival.

Henry is not alone, however. He finds himself stranded on the island with Clay (Orlando Jones), a man he’s never met but who is set on killing him.

The acting in this film is subpar, particularly from Scott.

The exception to this slight disappointment is Van Damme, who plays Xander, the drug lord. He was the perfect villain — almost to the point of being likeable. He is a vegan who refuses to wear leather shoes out of respect for the animals, and claims to dislike guns right before having his men shoot an elderly man.

He is classy, handsome and witty. His only flaw is that he engages in international felonies and seems to have no issue with killing people. But hey — the guy is eco-friendly. He is, by far, the best part of this movie.

I wouldn’t pay the 10 bucks to go see “Enemies Closer.” Just wait until it gets to Netflix.

MOVE gives “Enemies Closer” 3.5 stars out of 5.

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