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“Zootopia,” which premiered on March 4, is a film that discusses race and privilege in an accessible way for kids (and adults; we all love funny cartoons.) “Zootopia” broke Disney Animation’s record with a $75.1 million debut this weekend. The movie is adorable and the sloth from the trailer has already become a social media superstar.

####Show to binge Netflix’s “Fuller House” debuted to negative reviews, but it should still definitely be on your watch list. I’m not saying it’s the greatest, because it’s not. The jokes are overused and the loud laugh track ruins most of the tender moments, but the show does a good job of mirroring the original in a more modern way. If you liked “Full House” at all, this show will make you nostalgic for the times where your only problems were whether DJ and Steve would end up together. ####Song Zayn Malik’s new song, “Like I Would,” dropped early yesterday morning. The song is from his new solo album, “Mind of Mine,” which comes out on March 25. The dance beats and refreshing vocals are reminiscent of his One Direction days, and it’ll get stuck in your head as soon as you hear it. This song is perfect for jammin’ while driving around with your friends in summer or for listening to on your way to a party.
####Novel March 8 was #InternationalWomensDay and of course, I have to recommend a badass novel by one of my favorite woman celebrities, Amy Poehler. Poehler’s hilarious first memoir “Yes Please” should definitely be on your reading list. In the book, she talks about friendship, relationships and her advice for life. This novel is so funny, but Poehler also offers important advice throughout the book like “Saying “yes” doesn’t mean I don’t know how to say no, and saying “please” doesn’t mean I am waiting for permission.” *mic drop* ####Wine and recipe pairing: Try a red Italian [Montepulciano d’Abruzzo]('ABRUZZO-750ML-2014?gclid=CPuNv5HCsssCFQiQaQod9uMP4g) paired with an easy and classic [lasagna]( that can make any regular weekend into a soiree. ####Friday event: [Twin Peaks](, an indie rock band from Chicago, is playing at 8:00 p.m. March 11 at Cafe Berlin. The show features other Chicago-based rock bands Strange Faces and Psychic Heat. Twin Peaks, comprised of Cadien Lake James, Clay Frankel, Connor Brodner, Jack Dolan and Colin Croom, has released two LPs and will be releasing their third LP, “Down in Heaven,” in mid-May. Tickets for the show are $10 at the door. ####Saturday event: [The Columbia Farmers Market]( comes back to the parking lot behind the ARC at 1701 W. Ash Street., from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The market features flowers, natural foods, live music and crafts. All vendors at the market are from mid-Missouri, so all the proceeds from the event go right back into the community. Vendors ranging from Grandma Barb's Pies to Sullivans Berries are set to be at this Saturday's market.

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