MOVE Gift Guide 2015

We've got gifts for everyone on your list.

Hey MOVErs,

It’s Elana, your esteemed editor, and Katie, your even more esteemed assistant editor. We’ve had a ton of fun putting together this pre-finals gift guide and are absolutely pumped for you to dig into it.

As you can imagine, it’s been a pretty stressful special issue as well. After all, we’re all still students. But we persevered, and we hope you’ll look at this guide to help you take one more thing off your plate when it comes to these Starbucks-filled, eye-drooping, life-dreading few days ahead.

See, MOVE’s more than just an A&E section. MOVE is a lifestyle. You like food? We love it. Music? We live it. This week, we love gifts.

MOVE has grown a lot over the past semester; we’ve had highs and lows, awesome content and a very frazzled editor at times. At the end of the day, we strive to be the end-all for your entertainment, culture, lifestyle and, above all, your sass needs. We’re going to make a lot of changes for the next half of the year. It’ll be dope.

We have an amazing new assistant and LOTS of big plans. They’re kinda secret right now (and not in their final forms), but we’re excited, so you should be too.

Have a great semester, lovelies. You’re going to ace all your finals, get great gifts for your friends (s/o to us), be the best people you can be and have bomb winter breaks. Feeling especially unmotivated? Check out our article on gifts for stoners here. Getting pumped for the Doctor Who Christmas special? Read our article on gifts for geeks here.

We love you all. Peace, love and kittens,

Elana and Katie

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