Missouri at the movies

MOVE takes a look at movies where Missouri shined on screen.


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Guns allegedly belonging to the infamous bank-robbing pair Bonnie and Clyde will go to auction Saturday, according to the Columbia Missourian. The couple, notorious during the Great Depression for holding up banks and convenience stores, was immortalized in the 1967 movie chronicling their escapades. Although the film greatly romanticized the events, it is fact the duo holed up in Joplin.

Let’s take a look at other movies with ties to the Show-Me State.

"Meet Me in St. Louis": The fabulous Judy Garland starred in this 1944 musical in her heyday. Set in 1903 St. Louis, “Meet Me in St. Louis” follows the Smiths, a well-off family with four beautiful daughters. Garland’s character, 17-year-old Esther, falls in love with the boy next door, who barely notices her. The movie follows their courtship and romance, which hits a speed bump when Mr. Smith announces he has been offered a position in New York, causing the family to miss next year’s St. Louis World’s Fair.

"Winter’s Bone": This film takes place in the Ozarks, where 17-year-old Ree Dolly learns her estranged father put up their house for his bail bond. Dolly pursues him in hopes of keeping the house where she supports her younger siblings and mother, but first she must learn the truth about him through various shady family members and meth dealers (who would rather she left the situation alone). “Winter’s Bone” was nominated for four Academy Awards, and it was shot entirely on location in Christian and Taney counties.

"Road House": This 1989 classic starring Patrick Swayze as James Dalton, a bouncer for roadside bar Double Deuce in Jasper, became an instant classic. This movie is based on the life of Norman “Storm” Cantwell, who is now a self-defense trainer based in Kansas.

"Fever Pitch": Strangely, this romantic comedy about a Boston Red Sox fanatic, starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, was filmed in St. Louis. It was kind of a slap in the face for Missourians, however, as the film featured footage of the Red Sox winning the World Series at the Cardinals' Busch Stadium.

"Up in the Air": Filmed mostly in St. Louis (including Lambert-St. Louis International Airport), this comedy-drama stars George Clooney as a professional company downsizer. According to the movie’s official website, it was filmed in St. Louis because it was one of the hardest-hit cities in the recession. Jason Reitman, the director, wanted the firing scenes in the movie to be real, so he placed an ad in a local newspaper looking for people who were willing to talk about their job loss experiences.

There are also several stars that call Missouri home (aside from Brad "the almost grad” Pitt and Jon Hamm). Jenna Fischer from “The Office,” Taylor Momsen from “Gossip Girl,” John Goodman, Tina Turner, Dick Van Dyke and Eminem all hail from the Show-Me State.

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