Meet the new MOVE

Welcome to the new MOVE.

We’re MOVEing forward. When MOVE started 13 years ago, no one ever actually explained what we are and what we do. We’re your sassy and entertaining arts and culture guide of The Maneater.

From the beginning, MOVE wrote about the things you want to read. In our very first issue March 8, 2002, we covered Columbia restaurant El Rancho and weird Oregon band you’ve never heard of Audio Learning Center. This week, we wrote about local store Heart, Body & Soul and how to incorporate ballet essentials into your everyday look. Sometimes you need a guide, so that’s where MOVE comes in.

We have our annual special section guides to music, food, True/False, holiday gifts and Valentine’s Day. But while we do guide you during those special times, we’re also here to guide you the other 360 days of the year, too.

We’ve got your back when you can’t figure out what to get your stoner best friend for the holidays or don’t know how to talk to your family about all the crazy things going on at Mizzou during Thanksgiving. We watch things so you don’t have to, read books when you don’t have time to and listen to all the newest music so you only listen to the best.

On top of our sweet new logo, we’re revitalizing our content and our social media presence to become more interactive with readers. Follow us @movemaneater on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with all of our latest stories and shenanigans.

Basically, MOVE has you covered when it comes to everything arts and culture.

Keep on rockin’ MOVErs, and we’ll be your guide.

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