Meet the men of 'The Bachelorette' Season 12

A bunch of men in too-tight suits fight for love on television.


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Another season, another group of good-looking, odd men. This season, Jojo Fletcher has 26 men trying to win her heart, but with so many, it’s sometimes hard to keep track. Here is your weekly updated guide to this season’s competitors.

Alex: Contender

This short, cute U.S. Marine was Jojo’s first small meeting during the cocktail party. He awkwardly did push-ups while Jojo sat on his back in the first episode and seems to be gunning for Chad in the promos. According to his ABC profile, he doesn’t like to “booty dance,” and he says that he ripped the door off a car to save a driver.

Ali: Out

His Instagram is “aliwantsaredonuts,” and that’s a plus in itself. He’s a bartender and a sweet guy with some wild eyebrows, and he says he would do anything for love.

Brandon: Out

Brandon sort of looks like he could be in some kind of vampire movie, and his occupation is “hipster.” He says he wants Notebook-style love and he says the person he loves most is his mother. Sweet.

Chad: Out

Oh, Chad. The villain of this season, Chad is a luxury real estate agent, and he says the person he most admires is himself in 10 years. He gives the same answer for the question “If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why?” He’s eccentric, that’s for sure.

Chase: Contender

Chase is a medical sales representative, and he says that the only thing he wouldn’t do for love is sell his truck. The best date he ever went on was skydiving. During the second episode, Chase tried to charm Jojo by recreating a snowy wonderland. He gave her mittens and had a snow machine. Even though he hasn’t been a big focus in many of the episodes, the gesture was a nice touch.

Christian: Out

A telecom consultant and a strong-willed guy, Christian did strip shows and lap dances in college. He says his mother is his best friend, too, which is usually a good sign. He also has two cats, definitely a plus.

Coley: Out

Coley says that his favorite holiday is the Fourth of July because “‘Merica.” He also likes the Harry Potter series, but he doesn’t like when girls use their phones on dates.

Derek: Contender

Derek thinks that one of his best attributes are his “baby blues,” and he says he’s afraid of fluffy kittens. He’s also been skinny dipping in the ocean when the sharks are active, so he’s definitely an adventurer. Derek got the first one-on-one date with Jojo, too, which means he could be around for a while.

Daniel: Out

I have a theory that Daniel is somehow related to last season’s Lace, and he got basically naked after getting drunk in the first episode, but he’s a male model and refers to himself as a “lambo” so I guess if you got it, flaunt it? His biggest date fear is that a girl embarrasses him in a restaurant and doesn’t look like their picture. Maybe online dating isn’t for him.

Evan: Out

Evan is an erectile dysfunction specialist who is one of the only contestants that has children. He loves booty dancing when he goes out to have fun, but he doesn’t like girls with chipped nail polish or girls with serious food allergies. He also says that he’s “in love with his sexual energy.” I mean, at least he’s honest.

Grant: Out

Grant, a.k.a. Handsome Squidward, is a firefighter who once evaded police in Mexico on an ATV. His worst date was getting lunch with a girl where she talked about Harry Potter for 20 minutes. So basically, he would never date me. His greatest achievement is saving a life.

Jake: Out

A super cute landscape architect, Jake’s favorite movie is “Ninja Turtles III.” He doesn’t like when his date chews with her mouth open, but he likes when they ask him “what would you like to do next?”

James F.: Out

James F. looks like Jim from “The Office,” and he has a long-term plan to get all of his tattoos removed. His three favorite movies are “A River Runs Through It,” “Gladiator” and “Les Miserables.”

James S.: Out

Under his profession, James S. has “Bachelor superfan.” He makes brackets with his friends and fangirled over Chris Harrison in the premiere. He also hates sushi and thinks that there are two things a girl shouldn’t touch on a date: the door and the bill.

James Taylor: Contender

James Taylor is a singer/songwriter who wrote a song for Jojo when he first introduced himself to her. If stranded on an island, he says would bring an “umbrella, cold beer (unlimited supply, of course), and a beautiful woman. I think I could tolerate just about anything under those conditions!”

Jonathan: Out

Jonathan wore a kilt when he got out of the limo the first time and used the word “panties” within minutes of meeting Jojo, so he wasn’t a strong contender from the beginning. He doesn’t think gluten allergies exist, and he loves when his date “pretends to reach for the bill. We appreciate the effort!”

Jordan: Contender

Jordan is a dreamy retired NFL quarterback and Aaron Rodgers’ brother. He got the first impression rose and stands to make it pretty far in the competition. He says the wildest thing he’s ever done in the bedroom is “try to hang a TV on the wall without directions or a stud finder.” If he could have any job, he’d want to be a food critic, and he loves when his date eats a lot. Goals.

Luke: Contender

Luke is a sweet war veteran who believes that marriage “... means two people who consider themselves best friends, lovers and soulmates, decide to take on life together and build a life and family of their own.” He says he’ll do anything for love.

Nick B.: Out

Nick B., or “Saint Nick” dressed as Santa Claus, came out of the limo laughing “Jo Jo Jo Jo” like Santa on the first night. So corny, but he made it through the first episode to be somewhat of a contender. He thinks he could only last a day being in a woman’s head, and as a lover, he is “eager to please.”

Nick S.: Out

Nick S. looks exactly like Nate Archibald from “Gossip Girl.” He’s a software salesman who once chased a mountain lion. He wants a lot of children, and his greatest achievement to date is being an Eagle Scout. Plus, he wears a bandanna as an ascot in the first episode; what a winner.

Peter: Out

Peter is a cute, grey-suited staffing agency manager whose pants once fell down at a football game. He’s a self-proclaimed good cook, and he likes being active.

Robby: Contender

Robby is a former competitive swimmer who loves to dress up. He wants to have more than two children, and his all time favorite movies are “Man on Fire,” “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Interstellar.”

Sal: Out

Sal is an operations manager who once egged a gym teacher’s house when he was in high school. On a desert island, he would bring a “cell phone, gun, portable air conditioner. No Kardashians on the island.”

Vinny: Out

Vinny is a barber who likes to cook Italian food. He once flew to Mexico to surprise “his boys” and says that he would do anything for love except for using turkey meat.

Wells: Contender

Wells entered the competition with the help of an a capella group, and he’s a radio DJ who is very charming. His idea of the ultimate date involves “really good tacos, a great live band, a walk around the city, and wine and cheese on my front porch as Otis Redding plays on my turn table.”

Will: Out

Will is a civil engineer who can’t cook at all. If he could be anyone for one day, he would be John Mayer so he could “melt faces with a guitar solo” and “melt hearts with some sappy lyrics.”

Edited by Nancy Coleman, Bachelor fan |

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