An incredibly specific guide to manly spots in Columbia

Takin’ care of business so you don’t have to.

Believe us, we feel your pain. In college, there are too many classes to fail and too much beer pong to play to worry about such trivial decisions as where to go for a haircut. We’ve taken the liberty to save you time and assess three different categories of businesses. We’ll also provide you with two options for each: an established, older business and a newer option.


Just like grass and animosity, your hair grows. Due to the rising costs of haircuts (or just cost in general), most college students put them off until it’s no longer possible. This is silly when you put it in perspective: What’s going to help you pick up a date, three mochas or people being able to see your face?

Tiger Barber Shop (118 S. Ninth St.) is an old-school business in an age when haircuts are no longer about the experience. You know it’s a blast from the past when you see the red and blue striped barber’s pole outside the door, and the fun continues inside with great customer service and cheap, $12 cuts. Take note that the shop is closed Sundays and Mondays and only takes cash.

Varsity Clips (904 Elm St. Suite 104) is one of the new-wave options in town. Bricks line the walls, and a peppy staff waits to meet you at a rounded counter. This is a fun place to take care of follicle business, and the hot steam towel placed on your face is a relaxing addition to the typical haircut. If you are curious enough, there’s a great “tutorial video” on the business’ Facebook page. A standard cut is $15, and the building is right next to Cold Stone Creamery on Elm Street.


A good theater experience isn’t necessary tantamount to a good movie, but if there’s butter in your Pepsi instead of your popcorn, you will likely have a hard time watching Jesse Eisenberg doing his best Michael Cera impression. Luckily, there are a couple great spots in town.

Ragtag Cinema (10 Hitt St.) isn’t necessarily old (it was founded in 1998), but it shows off old-school flair. You won’t find a lot of box office hits here, as Ragtag prides itself on showing indie movies and on being “the premier art house movie theater” in Columbia. There might not be “art house movie theater” competition in this city, but Ragtag is a solid joint. Need a reason to go? The recent indie cult hit “Catfish” is hitting the screen Nov. 5.

Hollywood Theaters (2800 Goodwin Pointe Dr.) is your classic cineplex. Shoot'em ups, dramas, comedies -- you name it. Hollywood’s national chain is one of the largest in America, and stadium seating is always a nice plus when cozying up for a film. The only issue here is the distance. Hollywood is just beyond campus lines on Goodwin Pointe. The $6.75 student ticket might be well worth your drive, though.


For anyone who doesn’t know the difference between John Madden and John Elway, you can skip this section. Of course, if you hang out with people who watch sports, you might want to read ahead so they don’t bring you to some dump with one flat screen and bullet holes in the wall.

Campus Bar & Grill (304 S. Ninth St.) is the place to be on Sundays for NFL football. One-dollar quarter-pound burgers should be enough to bring any armchair quarterback to the bar. Campus is split into two sections: the bar on one side and tables on the other. Of course, during the games you can’t really tell which is which due to all the hootin’ and hollerin’ by the locals. It’s a great atmosphere to watch your team, and the bar puts every game up on its 15-plus screens. One piece of advice: Never use the men’s restroom. EVER.

Buffalo Wild Wings (3908 Peachtree Dr.) ads are all over television. “You have to be here!” is the motto broadcast across the nation. There’s no false advertising here. There are a lot of wings, a lot of beer and a hell of a lot of sports. Any sports junkie who hasn’t attended a game at B-Dubs is truly missing out. The only problems are the prices (its cheapest meals typically run for more than $10) and the distance. Like Hollywood Theater, B-Dubs is just off campus and requires a short drive (unless you love your sports enough to walk).

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