How to throw an End of the World party

Here are the tips and tricks you need to celebrate/survive 12/21/12 successfully.


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In mere weeks, the end of the world will be upon us — at least according to the Mayans. What better way to celebrate Dec. 21, 2012, than with a great party? We've got the top ways you can throw the perfect apocalypse party. Because if the world really is ending, you might as well go out with a bang.

Get underground

The first step in planning your party will be to pick the location. Go for something underground, because who wants to experience the apocalypse while it’s in plain sight? If a bomb shelter isn't available, go for a basement or cellar with no windows. 

Bucket List invites

Make your invitations fit the theme by designing them to resemble little bucket lists. The world may be ending, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a list of things you have been dying to do. Your invitations will be a friendly reminder for your guests.

Dress to survive

Have attendees wear their best survival gear. Load up on comfy clothes, flashlights and a thermos of their favorite drink. (Bonus: you save money on drinks.) Want to make it super mysterious and fun? Keep the lights off so the flashlights are the only light source.

Disastrous decorations

The best part about the Mayan predictions about the end of time is that no one has made it quite clear, well, how it'll happen. This gives you the ability to come up with a number of decoration themes for your party.  Think natural disasters, like “Avalanche Ice Station” with fire balls hanging from the ceiling, or have a tsunami Slip ‘N Slide area outside. 

Snack attack

All of the snacks served should be spicy or somewhat extreme. Try a bowl of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or super spicy homemade salsa to liven up everyone’s taste buds.

Floating island punch

What’s a party without a signature beverage? All you need is water, sugar, frozen juices, fresh fruit and ginger ale. The name says it all.

It's never too late for dessert

Four words: chocolate molten lava cakes. They play into the whole natural disaster theme and well, they’re DELICIOUS.

Make it cute

As the party winds down, play some slow songs for couple dancing. Also, pop in a cute flick like “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.” After all, no one wants to be alone when the world ends.

Wish everyone luck

At the end of the night, pass out little survival kit party favors to all of your guests. Include a mini first-aid kit, a water bottle and a nonperishable canned good.  If, for some strange reason, the world is still intact on Dec. 22, it never hurts to have them on hand for next time.

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