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We've given you all of the places to look for costumes. Now comes the hardest part -- figuring out what costume you'll sport on Halloween night. Here are a few suggestions:


Kanye West

Optional: Shutter shades, funky scarf, crop-circle hair. Required: Saturn-sized ego.

Beast from 'Where the Wild Things Are'

The perfect combo of cuddly and scary. It's as easy as getting a hair cat and gluing the leftovers to a sweater.


The options are endless. Just make sure you take your birth control.

Lady Gaga

You can be frightening without even putting on a mask. We're particularly fond of the Kermit suit or the VMA "Slim Jim" costume.

Swine Flu

It's all of the fun of a pandemic with none of the contagiousness. Plus the idea of a pig with a thermometer peeking out of its mouth is sorta fun.


The Joker

If we see one more bad Joker impression, shit's gonna get serious.

Capt. Jack Sparrow

This is really cliché and they've got a costume designed for five year olds, available at Target. Use your college education and get creative.

Sarah Palin

She lost the election, donchaknow. Dress up as the Bill of Rights or something.

Billy Mays or Michael Jackson

Seriously guys, way too soon. Hold your memorial costume till next year.

Jon and Kate

No need to bring this domestic mess to your home front.

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