Best Blogs of 2010

2010 has brought new and noteworthy additions to the blogosphere, as well as new installments from some golden oldies.

4. Stuff White People Like

Since he started his blog Stuff White People Like in January 2008, Christian Lander has landed two book deals, created a list of 134 things white people like and had 75,513,337 (and counting) hits on his website. The blog is “a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like. They are pretty predictable,” according to the site’s about page. Lander’s list features gems like #124, “Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy” and #75, “Threatening to Move to Canda.”

3. Hangry Pants

One day, I will be the type of person who gets up at 5 a.m. everyday to run 5 miles and who only eats nonfat, vegan foods. Until that day, I will read healthy living blogs, such as Hangry Pants. This “happy living blog” is written by Heather and Mark, a couple from New Jersey. The dual authorship is refreshing, especially because most of these blogs are written by and for women. Mark’s perspective is a welcome change.

2. The Man Repeller

The Man Repeller, a blog started in April 2010 by the self-professed celibate Leandra Medine, is part fashion blog (á la the Sartorialist and Sea of Shoes) and part satire on male-female interaction, focusing on the realm of apparel. Built on the premise that she’s not getting laid because she’s oh-so-fashionable, Medine posts her favorite clothes and accessories with humorous names, such as birth-control sunglasses, often accompanied with advice, such as “And remember boys and girls, it's not abstinence that is the safest form of contraception. It's harem pants."

1. Fuck Yeah, Harry Potter Tattoos

With the final installment approaching, Harry Potter fans everywhere are filled with bittersweet emotion. Some fans mark their dedication permanently, such as those on Really, don’t we all want it to last forever?

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