Back to school? There’s an app for that.

Four apps to help you start the year off right.

We’ve all been there: moving to a new place, starting over, making new friends and leaving old ones. No matter how prepared we may think we are for college life, we could all use a little help to make our stay at Mizzou worthwhile. Thanks to the fabulous invention of smartphones, so many awesome apps are being made just for this purpose: going back to school.

Here at MOVE, we want to make sure every Tiger has a smooth, stress-free back-to-school experience. With all of the apps in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, I have gathered four apps that I find to be beneficial for new (or returning) students.

Spotify: Of course this is first on my list. Spotify, Pandora’s more hip and less annoying cousin, has changed the way I listen to music. It’s so easy to get absorbed in all its greatness for hours. Spotify allows you to make unlimited custom playlists, private or public. I have more than 500 playlists and albums, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. You can also read the bios of artists, find similar artists, listen to custom radio stations, browse playlists based on your moods, pop culture and so much more. price: basic: free; premium: $9.99/mo.; student discount: $4.99/mo.

GoMizzou: Honestly, this app is a life-saver. GoMizzou shows you dining hall menus, maps, weather, news, games and more. This app is a must for any Mizzou student. You can also connect to MyZou right through the app. Even faculty can benefit from some of these features! price: free

Dropbox: This allows you to share files with a group if you’re working on a project and you’re in separate places, or just to back up files on your devices. I have my Dropbox connected right to my camera, so every photo is automatically saved just in case I accidentally delete it or I need more storage. It’s a great way to sync all of your devices together, as well. price: free

MyStudyLife: If you have a Windows 8 or Android device, this app is going to keep you organized, and your head might just stay on. Once you enter your schedule, you are able to track your exams, revisions for said exams, times for classes, homework assignments due dates and if you missed any deadlines. price: free

As long as you have some good tunes and a map to navigate this bustling campus, your upcoming year at Mizzou will be a breeze. (Thank me later.)

Here’s to a new school year, Tigers.

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