Seven things you must know before eating on campus

MOVE gives you the low-down on how to make the most of your meal plan

We’re all finally back at school and freshmen are settling into their classes and college lives. It’s about time we address the food problem. Rather than just going to the dining hall closest to your res. hall, take some tips from MOVE on the insides and outs of MU dining.


Unless you like chicken that makes you think you might be eating something else, stay away from Sabai. While some of their entrees have been good, the bad entrees will leave a bad taste in your mouth, making you want to stay away from Sabai for the rest of your life.

2) Look up menus online

While it can be time-consuming and inhibit your dying need to get food right that second, you will be so much happier if you look up menus and find which place is having the best food. There is no worse feeling than getting to Plaza 900 and having tough roast beef with dry mashed potatoes for dinner.

3) Pick your time wisely

It can be fun to go to the dining halls during their big lunch and dinner rushes, but the lines are so long it’s almost not even worth it. If you time it right, and go right before classes get out (at 11:45, since most classes are 50 minute classes), then you can get your food fast and still socialize with all the people there for their big lunch and dinner rush.

4) If Plaza 900 is absolutely packed, go to Emporium!

Plaza is by far the most popular dining hall on the west side of campus, and it gets really busy. So if the line is out the door, go to Emporium with some friends! It is quick, and they still have really good food. A lot of people are hesitant to go in there because they think it is a grocery store, but go try it, especially the BBQ brisket sandwich.

5) If you’re hungry, ask for more.

There is some unspoken rule that the amount of food the workers give you is rationed, but that is only because people don’t say, “Can I have a little extra chicken?” Instead of having to wait in long lines a second time, just ask for more and then it can save you a trip!

6) Let the salad bar be your friend

As much as people like to deny it, the freshman 15 is so real, and dining hall dinners do not help! The chicken fried steak and pizza are both so good and so addicting, but add a salad every once in a while. Almost all of the dining halls have an awesome salad bar, and it is very possible to make a tasty yet healthy salad!

7) Last but not least, go to Rollins @Night

Again, there are certain times to go and not go (go right when it opens or after midnight), but go to Rollins @Night. There are so many people there, and it’s a great way to meet people! There are all the night owls and also the students cramming for tests the next morning. Go and eat and have a good time or a study break!

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