Everyone loves a food fight

CoMo food shops battle to see who is the best eatery.

Hey MOVErs and ‘Eaters,

When I was a kid, I always wanted to start a food fight. I didn’t want to deal with the mess, of course, but I really just wanted to fling around spaghetti like I was in a cartoon.

In lieu of actually fighting with food, I’ve spent the last two weeks watching other people battle by binge-watching my way through “Chopped,” one of the most exciting Food Network shows to hit Netflix since “Food Network Stars.” This wasn’t in preparation for the food issue or anything; I’m just a Food Network super-fan. Nothing makes me hungrier than watching some good ol’ “Cutthroat Kitchen” at 2 a.m. while shamefully eating my second cup of Easy Mac.

The best part about these shows is the competition (sorry, Barefoot Contessa), and that’s the vibe we’re going for in this issue. We’re pitting Columbia restaurants against each other, Harold’s Doughnuts against Strange Donuts, Pizza Tree against Gumby’s and Shakespeare's. If you’re ever wondering late at night which CoMo delicacy you should choose, we’ll help you decide.

Want to know what Harold’s is like when they’re making doughnuts in the early morning? We’ve got that covered. Feeling homesick? Check out our compilation of family recipes. Don’t be afraid to step outside the dining halls and check out Columbia’s food scene. You may come away with a new favorite ice cream flavor or a favorite date spot.

So enjoy, MOVErs. Go buy yourself a piece of pizza and a cupcake. You deserve it.

Food, love and those little chocolate kiss things,


P.S. Check out our full food special section here.

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