22 reasons to have your next meal at 44 Canteen

One of the newest additions to The District brings unique options to Ninth Street.

44 Stone Public House has made its mark in Columbia for the past few years with its delicious food and semi-formal setting. On Oct. 5, the restaurant opened a sister location downtown, this time aiming for a more casual vibe by focusing on smaller menu items and a fully stocked bar. 44 Canteen hopes to appeal to the bar scene by creating a vibrant atmosphere and by teaming up with local breweries like Rock Bridge Brewery and Broadway Brewery.

So why should you take a chance with this recent addition to the downtown scene? MOVE found the 22 best reasons you shouldn’t overlook 44 Canteen.

1) 44 Stone and 44 Canteen are one big happy family. Both locations are owned by the same two food connoisseurs, Dave Faron and Mark Sulltrop. They made the choice to open a downtown location this year in order to create something that contrasted from their existing location. The two restaurants don’t compete with themselves; they both bring something completely different to the table (literally). 2) Their menu rotates based on the seasons, which means that you can try something new at every meal. 3) The Cali Steak Torta is a house favorite that comprises a carne asada-marinated sirloin with salsa fresca, chihuahua cheese, avocado and lime aioli sauce. 4) They had giant scissors at their grand opening. Enough said. 5) It can be your new Sunday brunch spot. Every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., 44 Canteen offers anything from chicken and egg tacos to biscuits and gravy for a midday meal. 6) Vegetarian options are available daily. Dishes like the sweet potato tacos and mojo salad are a couple popular meat-free options. The mojo salad is also vegan and gluten-free. 7) Their pregame game is so strong, whether it occurs before a show at the Blue Note or any other nightly endeavor. 8) As of now there are four staple items on their burger menu, all inspired by different walks of life. Classic, Korean and southern-inspired burgers can all be found at the Canteen. 9) The tacos are a big part of 44 Canteen’s street style. Wild caught shrimp, “Sloppy Jose” and sweet potato tacos are all popular items on the menu. 10) This restaurant prides itself on its vibe. Their atmosphere is laid-back, casual and energetic for its customers and staff. 11) 44 Canteen has a lot of unique, rotating drinks on the menu, including 12 fully rotating craft beer taps with local and international choices and a variety of cocktails. 12) This picture posted on their Facebook page in August. 13) The menu items are inexpensive, contrasting with some of the larger, pricier dishes at 44 Stone. A benefit of featuring smaller plates is the accompanying smaller price. 14) The restaurant is open Monday–Saturday at 11 a.m. and the bar and kitchen are both “open late.” Night owls, get ready. 15) Who doesn’t always want a dessert menu? 44 Canteen offers carrot cake and “Stout Brownies” (brownies topped with beer syrup, chocolate and vanilla ice cream) daily. 16) 44 Canteen has teamed up with local breweries such as Avery Brewing, Founders Brewing, Logboat Brewing, Broadway Brewery and more, some of which provided drinks for the restaurant’s grand opening. The new restaurant has also worked with other local businesses for events such as Artrageous Weekend. 17) The Vulcan Maria is a current favorite drink at the restaurant and is basically a green Bloody Mary spiced with roasted green tomatoes, chiles, olives, cilantro, garlic, lime juice and pickled jalapenos. 18) The menu consists of locally harvested ingredients, which is why much of it changes with the seasons. They know how to throw a party —their grand opening celebration drew crowds from across Columbia, and other local breweries provided drinks for the affair. 19) 44 Stone Public House is a pretty cool older sister. The original restaurant, located on Peachtree Drive, is inspired by English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh food with an American twist. 20) It’s something new to do! 44 Canteen officially opened the first weekend of October. Squad goals: just check out this photo posted on its Facebook page of the restaurant’s happy little staff.

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