Seven tips to keeping your technology tuned

Keeping your technology tuned can be done on your own with little hassle, and wire services are just a stone throw away to help you out in a pinch.


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Computers are costly pieces of hardware that break, scratch and fry, and it can be difficult and expensive to keep one performing perfectly. Keeping your technology dusted, making sure your motherboard stays cool and giving your keyboard a dose of compressed air are good examples of ways you can keep your technology clean and tuned in. Although we are beginning to see more technology and a bigger emphasis on it in our daily lives, problems, such as the ones the above remedies solve, are not going away. Aside from physical components, devices can get tricky to fix. Devices get viruses, malware and experience occasional hiccups. Thankfully, keeping your technology tuned can be done on your own with little hassle, and wire services are just a stone throw away to help you out in a pinch.

1. Keep Screenshots and Photos of Error Messages and Pop-Ups

Nothing messes with your ability to fix something more than not knowing what went wrong. In order to keep your computer healthy, recording error messages and pop-ups is a smart plan. It allows you to reference back to what the error was and keep track of the techno babble written in the error message, allowing for an easier time fixing it in the long run.

2. Backup Your Files

While it may seem like an obvious idea, backing up your computer can be a life saver in the event of a fatal crash. Using either an external hard drive or even a cloud database, such as Apple's iCloud system or ASUS’s online cloud database, is a great way to backup your computer. Keeping your files backed up will make certain that your precious essay due the next day won’t be lost forever.

3. Personal Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is just more techno babble for figuring out an issue. Before you go see any kind of specialist to fix your technology, make sure that the specialist can fix it — even if you can’t — by knowing what the issue is beforehand. Reading the error message that pops up or researching the specific issue you have are examples of this.

4. Know your computer

Another personal prevention method is to take time to understand the specific parts of your computer. Knowing your motherboard from your computer mouse can go a long way into making sure that any repairs you attempt to make will be successful and you don't end up doing more harm than good.

5. Trusted Virus Protection

Using trusted virus protection such as Norton, McAfee, PC Protect and TotalAV are all good at giving you the lowdown on any issues you might not see yourself. These can help to keep your computer clean on a day-to-day basis.

6. Keep Your Software Up To Date

Keeping your software up to date can help prevent basic malfunctions and errors. As different programs run off each other in the background and foreground of your computer, some programs may start to fail or function incorrectly. This can be the cause of many computer problems and can be fixed quickly and without technical know-how.

7. Tiger Tech Support

One of the more valuable services in our digital age is a state of the art tech support. Thankfully, MU has you covered. TigerTech, located underneath the MU Student Center, can fix a variety of issues from the very complex to the most basic, and with a smile to boot. Whether you drop your device on the floor or download some shady files, you can always get help from your neighborhood technicians. If you happen to break a part of your device or need an add on and you aren’t sure what to use, they also offer support on how to get the correct accessory to fit your needs.

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