Review: Steve-O delivers laughs at Déjà Vu

The "Jackass" star performed five shows last weekend at the local comedy club.

Premature ejaculation, gender-bending full-frontal nudity, small penises and imaginary interventions were the standout elements of "Jackass" star Steve-O's five-show engagement at Dejà Vu Comedy Club from Feb. 9 to 11. What else should you expect from the Entirely Too Much Information Tour?

As he promised MOVE, Steve-O's stand-up recounted his exploits as a "semi-famous, drug-addicted, male slut," highlighting everything you probably didn't want to know, but couldn't help but laugh at. In fact, it had the same feeling as the "Jackass" movies and TV shows: the awkward realization that you love what's happening but can't figure out for the life of you why.

The majority of his stand-up revolved around how being semi-famous somehow makes girls not care about whatever faults you have in bed — in his case, a small penis and not lasting long. Whether talking about a foursome that could only be completed because of an overly-toothy blow job or finishing too soon without the girl noticing and instead of continuing, telling her he had to leave because he respected her, his sexual exploits always had some catch.

The drug use of the now-sober star could not be left out. He talked about how he hallucinated multiple interventions while high, joking that you know you're out of control when your hallucinations are worried about you. When Johnny Knoxville finally conducted a real intervention with the crew behind "Jackass," it was the fourth or fifth one Steve-O could remember, but the first actual intervention.

The self-proclaimed professional idiot ended his show with a series of stunts, mixing acrobatics with just plain Jackass moves. In addition to balancing a knife on his nose and somehow drinking a glass placed on top of his head without using his hands, Steve-O performed the famous "double back" from "Jackass." This time though, there was no leopard-print thong, giving many audience members a view they didn't expect, or want. To add a purely pain stunt to the mix, Steve-O squeezed lemon juice straight into his eyes, probably the most boring stunt, but still reflecting what people came to see.

Opening act Jeff Havens cannot be left out from this. Though the comedian's jokes were on generally predictable subjects — women taking too long to get ready and words that make you uncomfortable, such as moist (I just cringed writing that) — you couldn't help but laugh the entire time. His high energy personality and spot-on jokes created the perfect atmosphere to start this show.

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