The procrastinator's guide to finals week

If you are looking for study tips, this is not the guide for you.

You’ve known about this week since the start of school. If you were on top of your studies, you are probably heading into the homestretch with an appropriate amount of stress. Now, if you’ve done the typical college routine of putting everything off till the last minute, these next 10 days will leave you cashing in on those Starbucks gift cards like it's your only means of currency.

But alas, have no fear. MOVE’s here to help you stay productive during finals season.

First off, settle in to your study space and do some chores. You can’t even begin to think about those exams until your room is spotless, the dishes are done and every blind in the place is cleaned. Trust me, the week before finals is a great time to tap into your inner “Mrs. Doubtfire.” I’m talking about dusting all the surfaces, vacuuming all the carpet and maybe even helping your roommate out with their room (because you are that good of a roommate).

Finals week isn’t just for cleaning. It’s also a time for reflection. You look back on the semester and think about all your choices, good and bad. Then, make a list of all the unfinished items on your to-do list. Actually, the Missouri Students Association already made a list for you: 100 things to do at Mizzou. If you are a senior, you are running out of time to check everything off. Why not take an hour (or five) and knock out that list? If you insist on doing something productive, you can bring some note cards along on your trip to the Big Tree.

When you get back from an adventure, it’s really time to study, so take some practice quizzes. Some people prefer Blackboard, but I’m a fan of Buzzfeed. You know you need to know which “Grinch” character you are? Or gauge your knowledge on how well you know The Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric? Or if you are more like Howard or Raj from “The Big Bang Theory?”

So after those practice quizzes, you might’ve realized how behind you are in your studies. That’s why they are called practice quizzes. It’s OK. We all get behind sometimes. During the school year, it’s hard to stay up to date on pop culture. I bet the announcement of the Grammy nominations probably had you asking, “Where did all this music come from?” Well, that’s what happens when you are stuck on the same five playlists that you have perfected for studying and other activities. In the spirit of playlists, here’s one to help with your foray into the top hits of the year.

Now that you are catching up on music, it might be helpful to make sure you are up to date on current events. After all, you never know what might end up on the exam. We created an interactive timeline of the events of this semester for your convenience. Now our timeline is a bit long, so every 10 or so events, take a break and play a game. That’s really the only way you’ll make it through. Here’s a good game for you. (There’s also this one, that one and don’t forget about this one.)

After all that cramming, treat yourself to some videos. It’s a much more passive approach to studying. After all, professors sometimes put their lectures online for your convenience. If videos aren’t your thing, scroll down for more study tips.

OK. Now that you’ve caught up on classes, do some outside research that will help you feel confident heading into the exam. Here are some quick facts to start your browsing. Then, you can visit this site to brush up on your knowledge of your peers.

If all of this research has you contemplating the direction of your life, as one does during finals week, here’s the quiz for you.

Armed with all this fantastic advice, you are sure to rock your finals.* If you have any tips on how to make it through the end of the semester, tweet @ManeaterMOVE with #MOVEFinals.

*Similar to David R. Francis’s nose, MOVE doesn’t guarantee success on your exams. We’re just trying to help.

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