Campus does what it can to keep students healthy and fit

Here are some simple things around campus that students can add to their daily lives in order to stay in shape.


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It can be very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on campus. The “Mizzou 22” does not have to become real if you follow these simple tips:

1. Complete information on Zoutrition

With Zoutrition you can find the nutritional facts of every single meal and food item offered at all dining hall locations. It is updated daily in order to provide information on current menu items since the menus change at various locations such as Plaza 900 and Rollins. One of the first things that MU freshman Cate Norberg will do in the morning is look up the menus of her favorite dining halls and figure out what she would like to eat.

“I care about what I put in my body,” Norberg said. “I love being able to plan out what I am going to eat and feel confident that I am still taking care of my body.”

2. MizzouRec offers Tiger X classes

Tiger X is a group fitness program offered through the MizzouRec that is available to all students. There is a wide range of group fitness classes that are offered including Zumba, Cycling and many strength classes. All classes are led by an instructor and cater to all types of people. They offer multiple versions of the exercises while in class so students can do what they are most comfortable with while getting the best workout. These classes are offered at many different times all throughout the day. This way, students have easy access to fitness presented in a comfortable and stimulating group setting. Students can sign up for classes using the MizzouRec app. Tiger X passes can be purchased in zouLIFE located in the Rec center.

3. Walking to class can help

All student housing is located on campus and is within walking distance to every academic building. It is very easy for students to get in some extra exercise every day by simply walking to class. This can help burn extra calories and make it easier for students to stay in shape. A full-time student must be taking at least 12 credit hours; therefore, students have plenty of walking opportunities for when their schedules are too busy to permit them to make it to the gym.

The college lifestyle takes health into account as there are many ways to remain in shape with a busy schedule and new environment. College can be challenging, but staying healthy does not have to be.

Edited by Alexandra Sharp |

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