Word 4 Word: Columbia shares its iPod selections

MOVE asks, 'What are you listening to?'


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Here at MOVE we've always got our headphones in. Be it the chart toppers, the classics or a mixtape from a friend down the hall, we're always listening to something — and we assume you are, too. So we took to the streets (or quads, at least) and asked you what you're jamming to — in your own words.

"Change" by Hey Ocean! - "It reminds me of something I already know and love, but it has something new to add as well." - Jack Tutko, freshman

"Rope" by Foo Fighters - "It rocks, and I love how energetic the music gets me." - James Strassberger, sophomore

"Float On" by Modest Mouse - "It's old, but it's always really whimsical and uplifting." - Gabrielle Grosso, freshman

Anything by Hans Zimmer - "His stuff is easy to study to, and it is instrumental, so there are no words to distract you." - Nicole Lunger, sophomore

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