True Life Run mixes adventure and athleticism

This is the inaugural year for a True/False 5K run.

After hosting the first-ever Boone Dawdle bike trip last summer, the makers of the True/False Film Fest are implementing the same film/fitness/fun approach into this year’s festival with the inaugural True Life Run.

True/False Press Liaison Elliot Reed said the Boone Dawdle, the festival’s summertime bike trip to Rocheport to watch a documentary, was a catalyst for planning a run — an idea True/False had been discussing for a while.

“That got a great response, so I think that the group locomotion success supported another attempt at getting people up and having a bunch of fun,” Reed said. “You know, getting people out of their seats for a while during a weekend of movie watching.”

The 5K will begin at 8 a.m. Saturday in Flat Branch Park. Event Director Mike Denehy, whose company Off Track Events hosted the Boone Dawdle, said he expects about 125-150 participants.

Denehy said the True Life Run is comprised of two variations.

“We’re offering a legitimate fast run for people who like to run for time and place and also an urban adventure-y style of a run for people who want to have some goofy fun and dance and sing have some surprises along the way,” Denehy said.

Unlike the traditional 5K, the fun run specializes in surprises and other unknown variables that will redefine the meaning of keeping runners on their toes. Even the route of the timed run is being kept top secret until the morning of the event, volunteer Josh Hulen said.

Hulen, who volunteered for the Boone Dawdle, said his work with the event stemmed from past participation.

“I've slowly been becoming less of a participant and more of a volunteer, so this time around I've been helping Mike brainstorm and implement the resulting ideas,” Hulen said.

Both Hulen and Denehy were slow to reveal aspects of the run due to the secrecy of its nature. Participants in the fun run will not only be subject to running the 5K, but must participate in a number of unknown activities located throughout the run.

“We're definitely going to have music out there,” Denehy said. "We're going to have a band or two on the course that you'll probably have to interact with. Not just swing by, but actually stop and possibly play a song or jam or tap your feet or dance along with them.”

Denehy also mentioned the inclusion of balloons, trivia, face and body paint and costumes.

Perhaps more exciting than the props, Denehy said runners might find themselves running alongside the three stars of “The Interrupters,” this year’s festival’s recipient of the True Life Fund, which donates money to assist the production of real-life documentaries.

I think there are three stars from the movie that are going to be at the event,” Denehy said. “We're hoping to work with them and create some sort of challenge for the fun runners.”

Registration begins before the run at 7 a.m. The cost for the run is $30, which includes a T-shirt, the run and a short breakfast. Runners interested in the timed run must pay an additional $2.

Free Lux Passes to next year’s festival will be awarded to the fastest male and female runners. The Lux Pass, valued at $145, is a step up from the Simple Pass, allowing moviegoers earlier reservation times, among other perks. Those who complete the fun run will also be entered into a raffle for a Lux Pass.

Part of the proceeds from the run will be donated to next year’s True Life Fund.

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