Take your sibs to kid-friendly places around town

Columbia isn’t just a college town! Prove it to your little siblings.

We all know we love it here in Columbia, but how do we convince our younger siblings of how awesome it is?

Here are a few fun places to take your little sister or brother when they come to see you, guaranteed to make them fall in love with Columbia just as much as you have.

Slackers CDs and Games will be one of the coolest places your somewhat nerdy little sibling has ever seen. For the comic book-obsessed, they have hundreds (if not thousands) of titles; for the kid who likes video games more, they’ve got you covered. They even have some classic games you can play in store.

As per the store’s name, it has enough CDs for anyone to find what they like, and while your little sister or brother might not think vinyl is cool yet, this is a good place to get them into it.

It also has board games, cardboard cutouts, collectors’ items, movies and tons more. If your sis or bro likes this place, you might as well take them across the street to Gunther’s Games as well (but be warned: it serves alcohol).

When I first moved to CoMo, Rock Quarry Road was one of my favorite things ever. It’s so winding and pretty! Now that I live just off of the road, I constantly think about how cool it’d be to make my little sister practice driving on it. This isn’t for the faint of heart, of course. And you probably shouldn’t tell your parents.

Columbia is incredibly versatile in the activities it provides. While we’ve left the prime season for visiting Rock Bridge Memorial State Park (they provide Devil’s Ice Box tours in the summer), nothing really beats Mid-Mo in the fall. With lots of trails ranging in difficulty, you can take siblings of any age here.

Just be warned, check out the trail you decide on before you start walking. Once, I ended up on the flattest, most uninteresting trail ever for about two hours when I could have been on the much more exciting one right next to it.

In terms of places to eat, interestingly enough, college kids have the exact same taste as 5-year-olds. Take your younger siblings to Hot Box Cookies, and don’t forget the milk.

You could even take them to Gunter Hans. While it turns into more of a pub atmosphere at night, their entire menu is pretzels, waffles with cool toppings and gelato. How could anyone not enjoy this?

Lastly, take little kids to the standards. We have Empire Roller Rink, Columbia Mall or even the Columbia Public Library.

CoMo has plenty of things to do with little kids and teenagers alike. Make sure you find them when your family comes to visit.

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