Roots N Blues embraces sustainability

The Roots N Blues Festival is going green this Friday.

Partners: Green Team, Earth To Go and the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture.

Tips from the fest. site:

— Ride your bike to the festival. There will be free secured bike parking near the entrance. — Refill your water bottles at filling stations provided by the city of Columbia. — Respect the volunteers! The Green Team will be present to keep the park clean. — Recycle. Recycling bins have been increased almost two to one since the festival first began. — Use The Butt Garden, a designated smoking area, that has been created to reduce the impact of cigarette butts on the park.

Fun facts about RnB Sustainability:

— The newly established Green Vendors program encourages all festival vendors to participate in sustainable efforts — Vendors will recycle their used fry oil through Filtafry, compost through the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, use biodegradable paper-ware and utensils and recycle their waste through the city.

A Mizzou Perspective

Madeleine De Boer is a student assistant at the MU Sustainability Office, where she monitors recycling on campus, provides recycling bags to campus and assists in events including Sustainapalooza and Sustainability Week.

“Sustainability is important because as a society we need to realize that the earth isn’t an unlimited resource that we can continue to exploit,” De Boer says.” We need to develop effective methods of preserving not only these resources but the environment as well.”

De Boer suggested a few more ways to help the sustainability effort, some of which include using a reusable water bottle, riding a bicycle and recycling all plastics and aluminums.

“Sustainability is a group effort,” De Boer says. “A little bit goes a long way.”

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