An overview of True/False short films

Playing alongside the True/False Film Fest's feature-length films are dozens of short films, both old and new. For a complete list, visit

'Out of Love' Director: Birgitee Staermose Running time: 29 minutes Nominated for the European Film Academy Short Film Award in 2010, "Out of Love" takes an unorthodox approach to telling the story of a group of children in post-war Kosovo. The film will play before showings of "Hula & Natan."

'Very Nice, Very Nice' Director: Arthur Lipsett Running time: 7 minutes In just 7 minutes, Director Arthur Lipsett left his mark on film. This 1961 critically-aclaimed film blends hodgepodge slice-of-life photography with fragments of speech and audio. Between is simply a voice saying, "Very nice, very nice." It plays frequently in festivals and film schools across the world, and will play with "Zielinski" at True/False.

'Goodbye Chicken, Farewell Goat' Director: Julius Onah Running time: 5 minutes 30 seconds Director Julius Onah was selected as one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine in 2010. His work "Goodbye Chicken, Farewell Goat" is an autobiographical work, shot on a cell phone, documenting Onah's consideration of his father's death.

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