MU's best nap spots on campus

Here are the best places to catch up on your sleep during the midterm cram.

Need a place to crash during the midterm crunch? We've done some test-driving for you:

MU Student Center - Leadership Lounge

Go to the second floor past the Center for Student Involvement. There are lots of long couches and chairs to use.

Noise Level: Snoozable. Way better than the first floor where you can hear everyone's conversations. The main annoyance is the occasional sound of Infusion's blender.

Privacy Level: Not private, but many people are napping at the same time, so no one will tell you to move.

Proximity to Food: Sunshine Sushi, Kate & Emma's, Pomodoro and Mort's galore downstairs.

Comfiness of Couches: Comfy, but don't try to use the armrests as a pillow — you'll wake up with a headache. Try a bunched-up hoodie on top of a backpack.

Place to Stash Your Stuff: No, but there are people around to raise a fuss if they see someone take your stuff. Or, be sneaky and cover everything with a jacket as a pillow.

MU Student Center - Basement

Take the stairs to the basement level, and you'll find tons of couches to nap on and two backless couches the size of a bed. This spot isn't as busy as the Leadership Lounge, which makes it a great choice if you can't find a spot upstairs.

Noise Level: Slightly above library level.

Privacy Level: Very little privacy as you will be napping out in the open with people walking past you constantly.

Proximity to Food: Restaurants are located upstairs. If you don't want to go that far, vending machines are located just outside the basement.

Comfiness of Couches: Arguably the comfiest on campus.

Place to Stash Your Stuff: None at all. Stick with the DIY pillow option, or loop any/all straps around your ankle to make snatching impossible.


Swipe your I.D. and head immediately to the right side of the study table. Hidden in the corner are two window seats with a view of Tiger Grotto.

Noise Level: There’s no noise restriction so people are allowed to be as loud as they want.

Privacy Level: Somewhat private. The couches are just barely out of view of the help desk, so be smart and make it look like you fell asleep studying.

Proximity to Food: Go across the street to Vida, a cute coffee shop that also sells smoothies and pastries.

Comfiness of Couches: Fairly comfy. You might catch the faint whiff of chlorine on them, but you get to stretch, so it's a trade-off.

Place to Stash Your Stuff: Lockers are a few feet away, so you can store your stuff easily if you have a quarter. Don't worry, you'll get your money back when you return the key.

Memorial Union

Head up the South elevator to the second floor, and you'll find a lounge with three couches and a window seat long enough for you and a buddy to share.

Noise Level: Very quiet with occasional noise from the nearby stairwell.

Privacy Level: Private. It's an unknown location but nearby foot traffic on the stairwell will discourage any creepers.

Proximity to Food: Starbucks and Wheatstone Bistro are just downstairs.

Comfiness of Couches: Very comfy. Bring your own pillow or bunched-up hoodie and stay for a while.

Place to Stash Your Stuff: No, but the private location makes it unlikely that anyone will try anything.

Cornell Hall

Go downstairs to the first floor and basement to find two lounges filled with couches and chairs. On the first floor, there’s another lounge just around the corner near the bathrooms.

Noise Level:  At times a louder-than-necessary conversation might wake you up.

Privacy Level: Not private. But if you're in need of a few Z's before class starts, no one will give you any grief.

Proximity to Food:  Vending machines are located on the basement level near the restrooms.

Comfiness of Couches: Pretty darn wonderful. They have high backs, so you have something to guard your back if you're a side-sleeper.

Place to Stash Your Stuff:  Nope. Use your backpack as a foot rest or stick it in a nearby chair.

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