MOVE’s guide to summer style

Downtown Columbia offers many seasonal fashion staples for both guys and gals.

Spring might be getting a slow start this year, but summer will be here before we know it. Downtown Columbia offers so many shops where you can find bright colors and floral patterns that will appeal to both guys and gals, scattering Broadway and Ninth Street with all sorts of style. Here’s a quick look at some of MOVE’s favorites for the season:


Denim dress Elly’s Couture, $44.99 The soft, faded denim fabric makes this dress a comfortable garment that can easily be dressed up or down. Whether you match it with sneakers or a pair of bright pumps, the material goes with all colors and patterns.

Sunhat Breeze, $39 This simple, woven sunhat will protect your face from the sun and sweeten any outfit with its string of flowers. Perfect for lounging at the pool or wearing around town on a sunny day.

Bracelets Glik’s, $9 This set of three bracelets will add a splash of brightness to any outfit. Wear them all together or one at a time and match with denim or bright shades for optimal effect.

Sunglasses Muse, $14 Add a little quirkiness to your summer style with these flower-covered sunglasses. Take them wherever your summer adventures take you, be it the pool or a music festival or a friend’s house.


Hat Muse, $32 Top off your summer look with this patterned hat. The combination of bright colors and faded denim goes with everything, be it a solid shirt or a patterned button-down.

Watch Swank, $68 These simple, sleek watches add a splash of color while helping keep time. Choose from neutral and patriotic red, white and blue wristbands.

Seersucker shorts Woody’s, $85 Seersucker seems to go with everything, be it a colorful tank or nice collared shirt. These simple shorts are easily dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Green shoes Woody’s, $58 These green shoes (with a splash of tie-dye on the heel!) are a simple but stylish addition to any outfit. The neutral color goes with just about everything, so don these kicks for both beach and everyday wear.

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