Mizzou Idol returns for a fifth year

Auditions will take place this weekend in the Center for Student Involvement.

The fifth installment of the University of Missouri’s annual singing contest, Mizzou Idol, is here. MOVE got the lowdown on this year’s version and how you can get involved:

What it is

Mizzou Idol is a local spin-off of, well, “American Idol.” Students and a capella groups can audition and work their way up to winning the title of Mizzou Idol.

When it happens

General auditions take place this weekend. Anybody can go to the Center for Student Involvement in the Student Center (Room 2514) for walk-in auditions that are open on Thursday (5-9 p.m.), Friday (4-8 p.m.), and Sunday (4-7 p.m.). After that, callback auditions will be announced.

About 12 contestants (the number varies) will compete in the next round of the competition, which takes place in the spring. Students can vote which competitor is their “Fan Favorite.” After that, it’s finals time.

“Judges choose the people who go to the finals and the winner of the competition,” says junior Abbey Tingle, the marketing chair for the College Music Committee.

The judges

Members of the Department of Student Activities’ executive board will judge Mizzou Idol, as well as members of the College Music Committee and a representative of the Residence Halls Association, the contest’s chief sponsor.

The future

Every year, coordinators of the competition tinker with its structure to improve it. This spring, they want to create a more involved tournament, something that will stay truer to its inspiration.

“We’re trying to find the most effective way to utilize the crowd,” Tingle says.

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