Love at first bite

Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream is the perfect spot for getting to know someone.

Although we've all been told, "Don’t judge a book by its cover” — let’s be real. We all do it. It’s the first thing we see. The impression you make on your first date can either make or break your chances. You have to know where to go, what to wear and how not to talk too much about your insane fascination with the pink Power Ranger (not, uh, speaking from personal experience).

When you’re picking a place for your first date, take into consideration where you will both feel comfortable. Nothing is more awkward than sitting at a table staring at each other and waiting for something awesome to happen. Be creative and do something unexpected.

MOVE’s suggestion? Try one of the shops downtown. There is always something to see and talk about (goodbye, awkward silences).

Try Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream. Shannon Boyer, a happy and effervescent Sparky’s employee, calls this eatery charming and funky.

“People really enjoy the art,” says Boyer. “There is a bunch of random paintings from eBay and other places on the internet. It gives the shop this quirky vibe.”

In years past, a lot of magic has happened here. Many people spend their first date here, getting to know each other over homemade ice cream in exotic flavors that give Sparky’s an edge up on the competition. There are new flavors throughout the week: think cake batter, cinnamon or even Rice Krispy Treats.

It’s affordable, which is great, too. Get a single scoop for $3.25, double for $4.50 or go all in and get a pint for $5.50.

Back in June, David Morris proposed to his girlfriend Tricia LaRocca at Sparky’s, where they had their first date. Later, they even eloped at Sparky’s.

I guess you could say magic really does happen here. Go to Sparky’s to find out what really makes this place a stop for many potential love stories.

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