Local film festival rolls into its seventh year of production

Citizen Jane Film Festival, an all women’s film festival, continues in Columbia for another round of great.

According to research done at San Diego State University in 2014, women accounted for just 7 percent of all directors in the top 250 films of 2014.

The Citizen Jane Film Festival here in town at Stephens College is looking to change that.

According to their website, the festival debuted in 2008 and has been providing a lecture series involving many of its students, a filmmaking camp for women, and holding up to its internationally well-known name ever since.

The festival begins with its Citizen Jane Summit discussion, involving the public and industry experts to deliberate on possible ways to better support female filmmakers by activism, mentoring and crowd funding.

Tons of experienced professionals, rising talent and even beginners in film are just some of people you’ll find at this festival. All with the goal to discuss their films in detail and strengthen the female filmmaker industry.

Besides the lecture series, their website lists that Citizen Jane also hosts an opening reception, dance performances, interactive skits, a dance party, Sunday morning brunch and an afternoon film school for those wanting to know more about this special industry.

Ever since its opening, the festival has had the pleasure of hosting household names such as Lena Dunham who showcased her film “Tiny Furniture,” which she wrote, directed and starred in.

Last year, they had Leah Meyerhoff show her feature that first premiered at SXSW, “I Believe in Unicorns,” that would later help kick-start a international female filmmaking collaborative group, Film Fatales, right here in Missouri.

Citizen Jane has conveniently placed their venues for the films around the Columbia area making it easier than ever to access such locations like the Warehouse Theater, Blue Note and the Missouri Theatre in town.

The festival will kick off its 2015 run starting Oct. 22 to 25 in Columbia. You can purchase tickets by what movie is playing here by clicking the “more” button or you can purchase special passes and tickets on location at Stephens College in Helis Communications or online at their website.

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