An homage to Moe's


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I hate to play the realist on this one, but somebody's got to do it. Can we really play shocked that the corporate-owned burrito joint that rolled into town and stationed itself three doors down from the other corporate-owned (McDonald’s-owned, actually) burrito joint ended up closing down?

No word on if this is actually the cause for closing, but if I were a betting man... I mean really guys, did we assume the .003 percent of the Columbia population that resides on that 50-foot drag of concrete on Ninth Street was in fact the voracious gang of burrito hunters you heard about on the Food Network but were never quite sure whether they actually existed? Guess not.

While not usually one for riding the corporate jock (it wasn’t like Applebee’s was a close second to Murry’s for Best Columbia Restaurant), MOVE will certainly pour out a little something-something for the demise of Moe’s.

The age-old motto about your friendly neighborhood “that girl” was certainly true about Moe’s. If nothing else, they certainly tried hard. Knowing they were rolling into a college town, Moe’s stayed open late on weekends (and even included Thursday in the weekend: What could be more collegiate than that?) and sold large masses of Jell-O shots on special. Toward the end of their time in Columbia they even started an after-hours dance club specializing in salsa, hip-hop and reggae tone (See: the April issue of MOVE’s Best Place To Dance in Columbia 2008). They cleared the tables out of the middle of the floor and made room for a little bump n’ grind. Real DJ and everything. You could get your entrance fee back if you bought a burrito. And if that wasn’t enough, their queso was fantastic.

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