Craft Studio turns 40

You can have your cake and craft, too.

When: 4 - 9 p.m. Thursday < br/> Where: The Craft Studio (N12 Memorial Union)

Let’s all raise a big piece of cake to the Craft Studio’s 40th birthday on Thursday.

In case you haven’t heard, the Craft Studio is a multi-functional art studio located in the lower level of the North Tower of Memorial Union. The Craft Studio is an organization, sponsored by the Missouri Students Association/Graduate Professional Council, that offers amazing arts and crafts opportunities for MU students and other members of the community. A wide variety of classes and activities are offered; whether you’re a beginning artist or a modern-day Picasso, there’s always something available.

“We offer more classes at different price ranges so that everyone can find a way to participate at the Craft Studio,” Craft Studio director Kelsey Hammond says.

In fact, the studio is the perfect place for someone looking for a way to fit a creative outlet into a hectic, college student schedule.

“There are a lot of options to suit the extremely busy, modern-day college student,” Hammond says. “One of the main reasons we’re here is for stress relief. We don’t want people to feel more stressed about getting some art into their lives, so we intentionally try to keep things easy to access and fun.”

The studio offers five-week classes and three-week classes, as well as Saturday workshops and “Free Crafternoons.” The ultimate goal of the Craft Studio is to help students and community members overcome their art-related fears and to help them discover their potential (anyone can be an artist, right?). The studio displays a showcase of artwork with a wide variety of pieces done by students and community members who have taken and taught classes.

The MU-centered art outlet has been available to students for 40 years, and they’re ready to celebrate the work that’s been done. On Thursday, the studio will host their much-anticipated 40h birthday and, coincidentally, their party is the same day as the MU Campus Gallery and Museum Crawl. (Translation: the more the merrier.) Hammond has been on the event planning team for quite some time.

“I can’t wait to meet people and show them our space,” Hammond says. “I always look forward to the MU Campus Gallery and Museum Crawl because you get a bunch of people who normally don’t visit.”

The Craft Studio knows there’s no such thing as a birthday party without a cake, so they’re prepared for the event with plenty of treats, as well as a photo booth and a raffle.

The 40th birthday at the Craft Studio promises plenty of food, games and other fun activities. Hopefully, it will help communicate to MU’s student body that there’s a creative side in everyone, and it’s never too late to become an artist.

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