CoMo’s best soup spots

MOVE taste-tests CoMo’s soup offerings (hard work, we know).

Have you stepped outside lately? The weather has changed drastically in such a short time span (it’s not like we are shocked or anything –– welcome to Missouri).

What’s really on my radar this season is tomatoes, the colors green and burnt orange, ankle boots and soup, the dish of champions.

Addison’s American Bar & Grill 709 Cherry Street Head chef Cody Burnett makes a new, homemade soup every day from ingredients he has at the time. He rarely repeats a soup, besides the crowd pleasers. Whatever he feels like making, he makes. My companion and I stopped in to try the Spicy Tomato Basil Curry, and it was exhilarating. This is a pleasantly spicy soup –– all of the spices balance each other out, creating a neutral tone to back up the kick of the tomato. If paired with pita bread, you’ve got yourself a kickin’ Indian-inspired soup sure to keep the insides warm this season. Not only is the soup wonderful, the customer service was great. The staff was very pleasant. Price: cup: $3.25, bowl: $4.25

Kaldi’s Coffeehouse 29 S. Ninth Street If you are a vegan or vegetarian, Kaldi’s is a great option for you. Their vegan chili is delicious. The beans make it rich and hearty. If you’re not into the whole vegan thing, no worries. We also tried a French Onion Soup that made us a bit excited. They don’t always have the same soups, but something tells me I will make regular visits just to see what the special is. Price: 8 oz.: $4.15 with flatbread

Main Squeeze 28 S. Ninth Street This place is great for the vegetarian trying to get on the right track or someone just wanting to try something new. While their smoothies are delectable and their grilled cheese makes my insides elated, their soups are pretty rad. When I went, the special was local greens and garlic in a broth and organic chili. Kale greens and potatoes took over the green soup. Think of a much healthier version of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana –– without the beef, of course. It was delicious! As for the organic chili, the tofu was subtle so it didn’t take away from the classic chili flavor we all love filled with corn, onion, beans, tomato and more. The staff is eclectic and friendly. (Also, follow their Instagram for a smile). Price: cup: $3.50, bowl: $4.50

Uprise Bakery 10 Hitt Street The soups of the day were spicy smoked tomato, a vegan dish, and gumbo, a vegetarian dish. It seems to be a trend going around CoMo — the humble tomato. (But who’s complaining? It’s great!) My friend and I sampled spicy tomato soups, both of great quality. This was the milder one, but it had a little kick. The gumbo? Amazing! I wouldn’t even guess it was vegetarian. Price: cup: $4.00, bowl: $5.75

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