True/False merch is wearable art we have been waiting for

With the documentaries taking center stage, take a short look at another type of art True/False offers: the merchandise.


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Positioned in the heart of downtown Columbia, True/False Film Fest gives a fresh vibe and new energy to the area. It brings local color to an already eclectic and engaging community. However, one should not limit oneself to merely going to a film festival, but rather completely indulge in the experience. To get the full effect, don True/False apparel and use the countless other tools and gadgets sold during the festival.

From knit caps to wine glasses, the all-inclusive, creatively driven extravaganza that is True/False offers the festivalgoer ample opportunities to take the experience home. The intriguing poster designs reimagined each year depict an artistic interpretation of each year's theme. This year's theme, Whether/Weather, has depictions of beautifully dark storms and rambling hills with lightning. The energy of the unknown is a focus of the theme, and the T-shirts and hoodies display intriguing and ominous art that reflects this, along with intricate designs and friendly images.

Who creates this art?

“We see art submissions ranging from high school students to professional artists; you could even be an elementary kid!” Christina Kelley, True/False merchandise coordinator said with a laugh. “It is open to anyone and everyone.”

The team’s lead graphic designer does the poster design, but outside designers provide work for clothes and other products. The work is eclectic and aesthetic and seen throughout the merchandise selection. Poster designs, however, are not limited to posters. 1,000-piece puzzles with a variety of poster designs printed on them are available for when there are breaks in the action.

True/False Film Fest takes quaint and friendly downtown Columbia and transforms it into a cinematic destination while staying true to the core values its locals know and love. Each year, new products make their way onto the scene. Past innovations have included a True/False scarf made of recycled True/False T-shirts.

“It’s fun to see what interesting merchandise we can come up with,” Kelley said.

The care and devotion to originality is apparent throughout the festival and especially prominent when it comes to the design of the merchandise. The uniqueness of the films and the energy they create is seamlessly transferred to every aspect of the four-day event, including the selection of apparel. Thirteen new T-shirts display images ranging from a bumble bee to intricate and ornate ships, all beautifully done. This year, as with years past, there is no shortage of selection and authenticity.

True/False has been a spectacular cinematic collaboration for years now. To take a trip down memory lane and see past designs, the sculpture yard near the Missouri Theater will host the Art Ramble, a free and public tour of True/False art installations as well as a True/False vintage merch sale. This allows visitors to see and purchase vintage merchandise from past years. You can take home the history of the festival and experience this year’s work.

For future film fest enthusiasts, there are adorable and unforgettable onesies. With designs brought to you from creative minds behind the festival, little ones can be just as involved in the shared love of documentaries as any other festivalgoer.

Whether you’re going for the energy, food or simply the incredible documentaries, the True/False Film Fest is an experience unlike any other.

Edited by Claire Colby |

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