Three RHA slates announce platforms

Common issues addressed are sustainability efforts and increased communication between representatives and residents.


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Three slates are running for Residence Halls Association president and vice president.

Residents will have the opportunity to vote online via a link sent to their email Thursday, March 1, and the winners will be announced at the RHA ball the following day.


Freshman biochemistry major Gage Caszatt and freshman chemistry major Lydia Harvengt are campaigning for “visible, connected advocates,” according to their Facebook page.

Caszatt-Harvengt want to increase the presence of RHA on campus by installing bulletin boards for the organization in each hall and reaching out to incoming freshmen for more involvement.

“We are striving for visibility on every level of RHA, starting with the website,” Harvengt said. “Additionally, we would like to see either the website or the goMizzou app function be used as an easy and accessible way for residents to voice their complaints.”

They would like to see hall representatives start a hall blog, Twitter or Facebook group to bring awareness to residents. The RHA president would also maintain a Twitter, newsletter or video blog or to keep residents informed on projects and events.

The campus smoking issue is another topic the slate wants to address.

“We are concerned that the policy as it stands is not enforceable and would create more problems, not solutions,” Harvengt said. “We want to see a plan which creates areas smokers are willing to walk to, not only so that other students are able to avoid the smoke but also for safety, as the piles of cigarette butts are a fire hazard.”

Caszatt-Harvengt said they also want to be the voice for resident concerns regarding public transit, as it affects students living in Tiger Diggs.


Sophomore Lindsay Weber and freshman Zack Folk are running on a platform of “For a Better Home Away From Home.” Weber, a human development and family studies major, and Folk, a political science, international studies and economics triple-major, want to enhance RHA’s communication, visibility, awareness and progress.

According to the Folk-Weber platform, the pair would like to start a RHA electronic newsletter and a forum for student staff members. They also want to reevaluate each of RHA’s programs as well as expand the duties of the RHA Executive Branch.

Other facets of the Folk-Weber campaign include healthier dining options at Rollins Late Night, increased participation in MSA’s Safety Walk and involvement in social awareness organizations such as Four Front and One Mizzou.

Their platform also features plans for freshman outreach programs such as involvement at Summer Welcome.

“I hope to increase excitement and involvement in RHA and the Hall Governments,” Folk said. “I want to see a much better retention rate among those involved in RHA and Hall Governments. A big problem that RHA faces is that people do not stay involved or that those who are involved do not participate.”


Running for a second term are juniors Chris Rucker and Caleb Krenning. Rucker, a business major, and Krenning, a hospitality management major, have worked to launch trayless dining in the dining halls as well as promote RHA’s Paint it Pink Week and Mizzou’s Best Dance Crew.

Rucker and Krenning are working toward bringing residents movie streaming services, drying racks, refrigerator rental and resolving recycling bin problems in the halls.

Sustainability services are also on the Rucker-Krenning agenda. Rucker said he would like to establish sustainability coordinators in every hall, install recycling bins in each room and expand the Bike Share program.

Communication improvements they plan to implement include hosting informal student staff social forums, more interaction with MUTV/Channel 23 and a monthly YouTube update for residents.

Rucker said his slate is qualified for the position.

“We have the experience and a proven track record which allows us to have no transition time and get right to accomplishing the tasks that residents want,” Rucker said. “We have a proven track record of accomplishing tasks that have never been done before and we want to continue it and accomplish even more and help the organization grow.”

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