24-hour Mizzou Market on Hitt Street hosts grand re-opening after completing renovations

This is the first time Pershing Hall has undergone exterior renovations, a part of Phase IV of the Residential Life Master Plan.


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Sugghead1: Mizzou Market on Hitt Street reopens with celebration and freebies Sugghead2: Renovated 24-hour Mizzou Market reopens C-dek: The grand opening featured free food, giveaways and cooking demonstrations. Webhead: 24-hour Mizzou Market on Hitt Street hosts grand re-opening after completing renovations Tags: MIzzou Market, Hitt Street, MU, Campus Dining Services

Alex Stewart Senior Staff Writer

Pershing Hall reopened on Tuesday afternoon with a bouquet of black and gold balloons and the sound of chicken sizzling on a fryer.

The grand re-opening, held in Mizzou Market, was a celebration of the completed renovations of Pershing Hall that began in March of 2012. New features include an elevator, additional seating area, extra classrooms and updated office space for Residential Academic Programs

The majority of the building was closed as it underwent renovations, but Mizzou Market and Subway opened Aug. 10, 2012.

The renovations added nine more freezers to the market, which holds around 8,500 products daily, said Campus Dining Services Director Julaine Kiehn. Also new to the store is a F’real smoothie and milkshake machine. The Hitt Street location of Mizzou Market is the only one of the three that is open 24 hours and includes an in-house Subway.

This is the first time Pershing Hall has undergone exterior renovations, a part of Phase IV of the Residential Life Master Plan. Built in 1956, the building was not accessible for students with disabilities, by the Americans with Disabilities Act standards, prior to the renovations and had spots of asbestos in the ceiling, Kiehn said.

For 36 years, Pershing served as a dining hall for students before it was converted to a store and office space, Kiehn said. In 1992, Hitt St. Market replaced the dining hall, and it then became Mizzou Market in 2006.

Vendors such as Monster Energy drink, F’real and Pepsi manned tables at the grand opening, offering free samples of their products and raffle drawings. Students walked away with free smoothies, Greek frozen yogurt, energy drinks, beef jerky and more.

CDS Executive Chef Eric Cartwright served attendees Parmesan garlic chicken strips and dip, the ingredients of which can all be found at Mizzou Market.

Students who stopped by were also able to enter their names in a drawing for prizes such as an iPad and a Nintendo Wii. Attendees could also win gift cards to the MU Bookstore and even free Subway for a year.

Dozens of students and MU staff stopped by the market to snag some free food and enter their name for prizes. The lines for food and raffle entries were out the door less than an hour after the opening began.

Kiehn exuded excitement for the convenience store’s reopening.

“The purpose of this event is to let people know that the building is open again, get people in here so they know what’s available to them, and then hopefully they’ll see it, like it and return.”

Freshman Molly Higgins wasn’t aware this particular Mizzou Market even existed before Tuesday. She said she stopped by for the free food and a chance to win free Subway for a year.

A resident of Responsibility Hall, Higgins said she now plans to stop by the store for late-night snacks this semester.

“I did not realize it was so big, so I’ll definitely go here now,” she said. “There’s a big selection of snacks, and it’s not just regular gas station stuff, and grocery items. The big selection is the best thing.”

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