Students choose from new, old options for off campus housing

Different types of housing bring their own unique benefits and challenges.


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Every year, thousands of underclassmen go from the quiet certainty of dorm living to the raucous world of living off campus. With the sheer amount of apartments and condos available, it can often be hard to decide what type of housing is right.

MU junior Megan Conrad rented a house east of campus with two other girls. Her rent is $595 a month, no utilities. She like that the house has three bedrooms rather than the average of six or eight, and a good patio and lawn.

Conrad’s friends found her apartment through, a website focused on apartments, houses and condos on East Campus. While Conrad enjoys her apartment, living close to campus is not without its surprises.

“The house is really old so none of the doors to bedrooms or bathrooms close all the way but all the ones to [the] outside do,” Conrad said. “Also it’s a 20-minute walk to Cornell Hall, where I have class.”

Conrad’s house is located east of College Avenue in an area that has been providing housing for MU students for decades.

Along with East Campus housing, plenty of new apartment complexes have popped up further away from campus.

Sophomore Baylee Hudson lives at The Domain. She takes a shuttle for the 15 minute drive to campus. Her four person apartment rents for $570 a month per person. According to her, everyone who comes over comments on how well put together and modern the apartment is.

The Domain was recently built in 2013 and is just east of Highway 63. Apartments include Apple TVs and access to a community pool for all residents. Hudson thinks that the service could use some work.

“Maintenance is not very good at all,” Hudson said. “I had this leak in the bathroom ceiling and it made four different leaks in the ceiling and maintenance can’t figure out what it is. So now I have a big gaping hole in the bathroom because they took out this tile from the ceiling.”

The Domain gives Hudson a wonderful space at a decent price that lacks in the upkeep. Conrad’s rented house has a higher rent, but brings with it a sense of old charm and coziness.

Students find that they can cater their own budgets and lifestyles to their housing search using the wealth of resources that can be found online. MU Connect allows students to schedule a meeting with Off-Campus Student Services, a university center dedicated to educating students on their housing options. Zillow and have also made it easier to browse prospective options.

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