Six eco-friendly steps for True/False moviegoers

Recycling art, food compost and straw shortages are some ways to reduce your environmental footprint at the festival.


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As thousands of film lovers flock to the True/False Film Fest from March 1-4, Columbia’s environmental footprint grows overnight. This year’s Green Mission encourages everyone to make their True/False experience more environmentally friendly with a few small steps.

“The mission is basically to be conscious of future generations and also be respectful of the environment that we’re in, both locally and globally,” sustainability coordinator Patricia Weisenfelder said.

1. Three bins are better than two

New this year, a new layer of waste management with a three-bin setup is being added. Now, moviegoers can throw away trash, recyclables and food waste. Local restaurants are also participating in the food waste compost system in their kitchens for the weekend’s festivities. Bins can be found throughout the downtown area, and seven local restaurants are partnering with True/False in this initiative: Glenn’s Cafe, Broadway Brewery, Tellers Gallery & Bar, Sycamore, Uprise Bakery, Cafe Berlin and Main Squeeze.

2. Stop the straws

Hoping to reduce plastic use, some local restaurants and bars are not serving drinks with straws the weekend of True/False. This new Green Mission step is to decrease the amount of plastic used. Moviegoers can also aid in this mission by requesting not to be served a straw or bringing reusable water bottles. The list of restaurants and bars participating is to be determined.

3. Travel together

As venues are relatively near one another, the Green Mission encourages all who can to use green transportation like walking or biking. COMO Connect, a free public transportation service, is also being offered along special routes during the festival. If you have to drive, the Green Mission encourages carpooling or using ride-sharing services.

4. Repurpose recyclables

The old can be made new as the Green Mission takes old recyclables and transforms them into art pieces and True/False displays. These pieces can be bought at True/False merchandise stores. In addition, local artisans are encouraged to submit their own recyclable pieces to True/False to help reduce waste. True/False connects any willing artists to businesses and organizations that have extra waste that can be made into art rather than being thrown away.

5. Education initiatives

A festival booklet will be given to each ticket holder educating them on how best to act in an environmentally friendly way. Along with information on the True/False website under “Mission” [], there are many avenues in which moviegoers can learn more about the festival’s environmental footprint like its local urban agriculture projects and its reusable plates and napkins initiative.

6. Lend A Hand

Opportunities to work with the Green Mission are still available. Volunteer applications are available on the True/False website. Individuals can be a part of waste sorting or kitchen supervision. You can also be eco-friendly as a regular moviegoer by following the above steps and checking out the Green Mission on True/False’s website.

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