Relax with a goat on your back: Local farm hosts goat yoga sessions

The popular trend of goat yoga has shot off in the last few years. Now those living in Columbia are able to experience it themselves.


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Goat yoga is a relatively new and unique experience that has appeared across social media. After noticing its growth in popularity, local farm owner Jessica Baker started her own program in her family’s barn. Goat yoga is especially unique with its relaxation methods of trying to balance with a small goat on your back.

“I would say my favorite part is just how much people laugh,” Baker said. “It’s so unexpected and we’ve never had a class where it’s not just constant laughter.”

Baker clears out a space in her family’s barn and decorates it nicely. She offers hot cocoa, coffee and some snacks for those that attend. She also sells goat milk-based products like hand lotion and soap bars. Baker calls in yoga instructor Sarah Judd to teach the sessions. Judd enjoys coming to these events and loves all of the goats around her.

“The goats are always adorable and they add a special element to yoga,” Judd said. “Some people get this calm face during yoga but for goat yoga, everyone’s just smiling and having a good time.”

The guests all have their fun with the goats jumping from one back to another in hopes of being rewarded treats. They are also able to pet and play with the goats as much as they want. After the yoga session, Baker gives guests time to interact with the goats more freely now that they aren’t trying to balance a yoga pose with a goat on their side. Guest Andrea Sellers went for the first time on Nov. 3 and enjoyed being able to play with the goats.

“I love that they’re just mingling [with] you,” Sellers said. “It’s very relaxing and entertaining at the same time.”

Yoga is very beneficial to the body and is a good way to relax. It gets interesting, however, when an animal is involved. Goat yoga is just the right amount of chaotic and relaxing for anyone willing to try.

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