Find a study spot to get through the end of the semester

MU students have access to a variety of locations to get their last minute studies in.


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The weather is finally consistently warm, which means summer is almost here. However, before MU students get a break, we all must make it through final exams. It can be hard to study and stay focused when the weather says ‘summer break,’ but your professors don’t. Here are a few study spaces that can help students stay on track these last few days of the semester.

1. Ellis Library

If you need to get somewhere quiet, the library is the place for you. On the second floor, room 201 is in the quiet space, and there are plenty of desks to choose from. This room has large windows and lots of natural lighting; you won’t feel completely shut off from the nice weather.

2. The Columns

One way to get through studying may be to embrace the nice weather and study in it. Sit on the columns or bring a blanket to the quad and find a shady tree to sit under. This way you won’t feel like you’re missing out like you might if you’re inside studying.

3. Any of the coffee shops downtown

Downtown Columbia has plenty of coffeeshops to choose from, including Kaldi’s Coffee, Lakota Coffee Company, Shortwave Coffee and Starbucks, just to name a few. Some have outdoor patios that allow you to study, enjoy the weather and sip an iced coffee. No matter where you sit, coffee is usually involved in that equation. If you have to study, that can’t be the worst way to go about it.

4. Memorial Union

If you need a space that isn’t dead quiet and has action, Memorial Union is the place to go. There are always people coming in and out of the Starbucks located inside, making it perfect for people watching as you’re working. Its location is also convenient if you’re trying to study between classes.

Summer is coming, and so are finals. Make the end of the semester easier on yourself by finding a place where you can be productive.

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