Fall headfirst into fall with this playlist

MOVE’s fall playlist features new favorites and old classics

Football’s starting up, this year’s big awards contenders are beginning to arrive in theaters and it’s finally getting chillier outside (or at least a little less humid). Fall is practically here in Columbia, and a new season means new music. From old favorites to newer songs you may not have heard, MOVE has the playlist with the songs you need for all your autumn activities, whether they be going to pumpkin patches or drinking pumpkin spice lattes.

Yo La Tengo - “Autumn Sweater”

Where better to start the season than with this aptly-named classic from one of America’s most beloved indie bands? “Autumn Sweater” provides all the warmth you’d expect, with its simple yet charming organ riff and endearing lyrics.

Beach House - “Lemon Glow”

“Lemon Glow” is one of the more upbeat songs from Beach House’s most recent album “7,” and one of the best as well. The song features the band’s signature dream-pop sound with one of the most addictive hooks they’ve ever written, making it one you’ll want to play again and again. This hypnotic track makes for great listening for Halloween parties or just late night drives through Columbia.

Hop Along - “Look of Love”

You may have seen them live at Rose Music Hall earlier this summer, but this Hop Along track is unique and catchy enough to play on repeat well into the fall. “Look of Love” starts out as an acoustic ballad, before turning into one of the most explosive and upbeat songs on “Bark Your Head Off, Dog,” and then returning to a ballad. It’s an ideal soundtrack for an autumn afternoon spent watching old horror movies and drinking apple cider.

MGMT - “Me and Michael”

This ‘80s-style MGMT song features addictive synths and an explosive chorus, and works in any situation, whether you want to dance all night or just relax with your friends.

Sufjan Stevens - “Heirloom”

This Sufjan Stevens song isn’t as well known as “Chicago” or some of his other classics, but it easily ranks among his prettiest. Listen to it when you’re having trouble waking up before class and jumpstart your day.

Big Thief - “Objects”

A standout track from last year’s album “Capacity,” “Objects” is nice accompaniment for those long late-night walks back to your dorm from class or Rollins dining.

Alvvays - “In Undertow”

“In Undertow” is one of the best songs in Alvvays’ stellar catalog, and the theme of moving on and accepting the past can inspire those looking for a fresh start this semester.

St. Vincent - “Human Racing”

It may not be in the electro-pop style she later became better known for, but this early St. Vincent acoustic number is incredibly charming and romantic, and perfect listening for a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Mitski - “Washing Machine Heart”

Mitski’s new album “Be The Cowboy” features a number of great songs, but “Washing Machine Heart” is easily one of the catchiest. At only a little over two minutes, it’s one of the shorter songs on this playlist, but still manages to get itself stuck in your head for hours.

Whitney - “Follow”

Finally, this simple but effective song from Whitney’s 2016 album “Light Upon The Lake” is the perfect way to close out any chilly fall night, with its triumphant horn section and anthemic chorus.

Edited by Siena DeBolt | sdebolt@themaneater.com

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