College kids want practical things this Christmas

You may think shopping for college kids is hard, but it doesn’t have to be


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If you’re someone who likes to give gifts that are unique and meaningful to the individual receiving it, shopping for young kids can be easy because they have a plethora of toys to choose from on their list and you know they’ll love any of them. But when it comes to college kids, you might have a harder time.

Once students get to college, some stop making Christmas lists, which is a part of growing up. Many college-age individuals want practical things, expensive things or cold, hard cash simply because they don’t have money.

Sophomore Ethan Cannon is on the end of the spectrum that includes those who don’t want to make Christmas lists.

“I have a Christmas list this year simply because my mom forced me to write one,” Cannon said. “It’s harder to make Christmas lists because I see myself as an adult and my siblings are much younger than me so the magic of Christmas is much more real to them.”

Although he didn’t want to make a list, Cannon is taking advantage of his mom’s request to get some of the practical things he needs.

“[My list is] mostly just books and clothes and other things I really need to get by in college,” Cannon said.

Freshman Maddy Unrein is always online shopping and seeking out deals, so she has her list ready to go.

“I often look up things online or see a lot of sales come up so I’m constantly seeing things I know I want so I keep it in the back of my head [because] my parents usually ask me for [a list],” Unrein said.

Although she has done her research, her items are still practical.

“The only shoes I’m completely comfortable walking around campus in are my Nike tennis shoes, except whenever I’m wearing an outfit with jeans or something, I don’t really want to wear those so I asked for Converse,” Unrein said.

For those who don’t care too much about what the gift is, and you’re more focused on just giving something in general, college kids might actually be easier for you to handle.

The solution is two words: gift cards.

“For college students, gift cards are totally good,” Cannon said. “Kids aren’t interested in things like that; you have to figure out their interests and think about if they’re going to get bored of it in a week.”

‘Tis the season for practical things with bows on top — if you’re shopping for a college student, that is. You’re either going to have to give gift cards or spend money on practical things college kids need this holiday season.

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