Crazy like a PHOX

MOVE reviews PHOX’s eponymous debut

I have been waiting for this album ever since I discovered PHOX a month or so ago. I may be a tad late, but I am now a fan. This sextet is so vibrant and smooth. Lead vocalist Monica Martin brings this light, feminine touch to the group –– she’s sort of like a dainty necklace draped on a bunch of badass bandmates. PHOX has been said to be based around the sounds of Feist, but I see and hear a sound all their own.

“Calico Man” sets the mood for the album with hush tones and Ms. Martin’s voice powering through. Ahh, refreshing. This is a great album for summer. “Slow Motion” is the perfect head-bobbing tune for a road trip with the buds. The whistling and clapping is a bit of a give-and-take interaction with the band. The harmonies in “1936” are outstanding, bringing a folk touch to the album. . “Noble Heart” brings down the heat with a slower beauty showcasing this band’s wide range of talent in instruments and Martin’s vocal range.

The album ends with “In Due Time,” bringing all the sounds together in a concise manner making this album a great listen.

Overall, PHOX definitely exceeds expectations. This album deserves a listen.

MOVE gives PHOX’s self-titled album 5 out of 5 stars.

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