Oct. 09, 2019

MOVE’s fall movie preview: five films we’re looking forward to

Kick off awards season with a look ahead to the upcoming movies we’re most excited for.

Oct. 02, 2019

The January Lanterns show their talents, love at Roots N Blues N BBQ

Local indie duo rocked the stage with their mellow sounds on the Great Southern Bank stage.

Sep. 25, 2019

‘Unbelievable’ is a powerful story of justice and hope

The new Netflix miniseries shows a harrowing tale of sexual assault and the pursuit of justice.

Sep. 25, 2019

Review Roundup: JPEGMAFIA, Charli XCX and (Sandy) Alex G

Mini-reviews for three of September's biggest albums.

Sep. 18, 2019

Storied indie band The New Pornographers are coming to Roots N Blues N BBQ

The indie pop superstars are coming to Columbia.

Sep. 18, 2019

‘Hustlers’ is what happens when revenge gives way to greed

With a squad like this, how could drugging Wall Street executives go wrong?

Sep. 13, 2019

Lana Del Rey is better than ever on “Norman F****** Rockwell!”

Her sixth studio album signals a bolder, better new direction for the pop superstar.

Sep. 10, 2019

BROCKHAMPTON grows without growing pains on ‘GINGER’

The all-American boy band delivers their distinct brand of youthful, emotional hip-hop while continuing to update and refine their sound.

Sep. 01, 2019

We were all ‘Born to Run’ away from ‘Blinded by the Light’

There is not enough denim in the world to save this trainwreck of a movie.

May. 01, 2019

Start the season off right with this summer playlist

A summer playlist featuring Alvvays, Vampire Weekend and The Beach Boys.

Apr. 25, 2019

Some of the summer’s most intriguing movies remain a mystery

With less than a month until the film’s release, the lack of promotion for “Ad Astra” is unheard of for a Disney movie.

Apr. 25, 2019

‘Game of Thrones’ characters experience one last night of peace

With the Battle of Winterfell on the horizon, characters spend one last night together.

Apr. 23, 2019

Drugdealer’s ‘Raw Honey’ is vibrant, if somewhat unimaginative

The album features rich instrumentals and catchy songwriting, but it’s far too obvious influences result in a somewhat derivative album.

Apr. 16, 2019

Everything we know about ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’

Star Wars Celebration’s Episode IX panel gave fans their first look at the end of the Skywalker saga.

Apr. 16, 2019

‘Game of Thrones’ premiere lays groundwork for final season

While the premiere wasn’t action packed, it was full of heart.

Apr. 12, 2019

The 10 best ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ songs, ranked

In honor of the series finale, we looked back at the best of the show’s original music.

Apr. 12, 2019

How to be sustainable without going broke

With some small changes in our lifestyles, we might be able to be more nature-friendly with just a little bit of effort.

Apr. 09, 2019

‘Shazam!’ pulls off light-hearted DC film

The DCEU’s best film to date has come in the form of a fun coming-of-age story.

Apr. 09, 2019

Weyes Blood's 'Titanic Rising’ is a blissful achievement in art-pop

Weyes Blood’s fourth album “Titanic Rising” asserts itself as the art pop album of the decade.

Apr. 09, 2019

‘The Beach Bum’ should be way funnier

The long-awaited Harmony Korine project is here to bring moviegoers an hour and a half of Matthew McConaughey cackling on the verge of a blackout.