May. 01, 2017

Beyond the buns: Carrie Fisher as a writer

No topic of her life hides from the spotlight.

Apr. 20, 2017

Timid to toned: Becoming a TigerX instructor

TigerX instructors are also students, ready to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Feb. 27, 2017

To Stephanie Shonekan, Black History Month means ‘everything'

The chairwoman of the black studies department compels us to “unite in our resolve” to improve life for everyone.

Feb. 21, 2017

Junior JoMerra Watson alters iconic paintings to confront contemporary issues

The series, “Rewrite,” displayed at MU’s Visual Art and Design Showcase, presents modern-day twists on popular paintings.

Feb. 21, 2017

Doctoral student Rachel Grant dives into black feminism

Grant: “For me, Black History is every day. Not only because I am a black woman, but also that’s what I study.”

Oct. 19, 2016

Upholding tradition at the Mizzou Store

Homecoming weekend brings big business to the campus store.

Dec. 01, 2016

National Novel Writing Month sparks creativity among aspiring Columbia novelists

200 local participants hope to complete the challenge of writing 50,000 words in 30 days.

Nov. 29, 2016

Freshmen reflect on their first time traveling home

There’s no place like home after a long semester; let these freshmen help you find transportation for winter break.

Nov. 20, 2016

From a humble beginning to a gluttonous present

The “real” Thanksgiving may be different than what you would expect.

Nov. 14, 2016

MU students make a difference through food pantry involvement

Marketing Co-Coordinator Claire Salzman: “It’s a really really wonderful resource and wonderful organization made up of some of the most wonderful people in the entire world who just do this. The Tiger Pantry team is just a very selfless organization.”

Nov. 13, 2016

A Taste of Westeros comes to Campus Dining

Chef Joe Moroni: “You walk into the dining room at the Culinary Discovery Kitchen and you don’t know what to expect. Hopefully you leave with an open mind and a desire to get to know others.”

Nov. 09, 2016

A look back on some of the most meme-able moments of the election

The United States is on fire, but these memes are pretty funny.

Nov. 08, 2016

Other universities take initiatives to combat racial tensions

MU sparked a wave of protests at college campuses across the country last fall.

Nov. 02, 2016

Blast off: MU grad creates ‘Galactic Cap’ condom

The new adhesive product aims to protect its users from HIV/AIDS.

Nov. 02, 2016

Millennial love knows no boundaries, thanks to technology

The generation’s long-distance relationships are alive and thriving through meaningful communication.

Nov. 02, 2016

Changing society forces religious institutions to adapt

Rabbi Yossi Feintuch: “The prayers are going to remain; the question is only whether you are going to read the prayers from a big screen or from a smaller screen.”

Nov. 02, 2016

Seven things to know before voting in CoMo

Read up on election basics before heading to the polls.

Oct. 31, 2016

The spooky origins of Halloween

Halloween has always had costumes and treats, but in the past 2,000 years, they’ve both gotten a makeover.

Oct. 04, 2016

Avett Brothers end Roots N Blues N BBQ with energetic concert

The band played both classics and newer songs.

Oct. 04, 2016

Ben Folds rocks the suburbs and Roots N Blues

His piano skills and ability to connect with the audience made his set one to remember.