Around CoMo

Jan. 29, 2019

Local choirs come together to support enrichment of young women of color

Various local choirs performed a wide range of gospel tunes to spread unity through the Columbia community.

Jan. 29, 2019

“Lysistrata” kicks off Guerl-rilla Theatre’s first season

All-girl group Guerl-rilla Theatre performed ancient Greek play “Lysistrata,” a comedy about a war-inspired sex strike.

Dec. 13, 2018

Downtown Columbia’s Living Windows Festival spreads holiday cheer throughout community

The festival spanned throughout the entirety of downtown Columbia and participants spanned from kids to store owners to volunteers. It was a festival that united the district to kickstart the holiday season.

Dec. 13, 2018

Students foster pets through Central Missouri Humane Society

Central Missouri Humane Society offers both students and pets opportunities through its fostering program.

Dec. 04, 2018

New yoga events popping up around Columbia

Appealing to all ages and all levels, yoga is becoming a fun way to get involved in Columbia businesses while getting in a workout.

Dec. 02, 2018

Breakout CoMo opens new escape room

Breakout CoMo gives insight into the process of creating and opening new escape rooms.

Nov. 22, 2018

High school bands pair up with anti-gun violence club

Hickman High School clubs Academy of Rock and Kewpie’s Demand Action come together to host a concert at Rose Music Hall to gain attention to issues of gun violence in schools.

Nov. 15, 2018

Citizen Jane’s ‘MIX TAPE’ brings solid block of short films

The “MIX TAPE” block of short films at Citizen Jane Film Festival offered a full range of emotions in stellar short films.

Nov. 13, 2018

Students choose from new, old options for off campus housing

Different types of housing bring their own unique benefits and challenges.

Nov. 07, 2018

‘When We Grow Up’ explores adult children navigating hard choices in life

Featuring a racially diverse cast and filmed by an all-women crew, this movie follows a flawed but well-meaning family after the death of a beloved dog.

Nov. 06, 2018

‘The Glass Castle’ author spoke about turning her childhood into a book

Best-selling author of “The Glass Castle,” Jeannette Walls, spoke to MU students about how she made the best of her crazy childhood and overcame her inner demons.

Nov. 06, 2018

‘Teaching from the Collections’ review: The elegance of 20th century fashion

Stephens’ fashion exhibition places three key designers in the spotlight.

Nov. 06, 2018

Citizen Jane incorporates fashion into festival with historical look at Sportswear

Lori Hall-Araujo and her team take on another year of the Fashion Archive exhibit, presented at the Citizen Jane Film Festival, to look back at sportswear fashion through the decades.

Nov. 05, 2018

‘Ladies with Lenses’ shorts capture human struggle

The collection of short films highlights the incredible work of female filmmakers on Vimeo.

Nov. 05, 2018

‘When Women Wrote Hollywood’ book signing celebrates early female screenwriters

The essay collection follows the lives and careers of historical female filmmakers.

Nov. 04, 2018

The Blue Note presents ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ on Halloween

The show was a representation of the crazy life we all live, just with more makeup, fishnets and musical numbers.

Oct. 29, 2018

MU graduate returns to Columbia to discuss debut novel, inspiration

Joanna Luloff speaks on her inspirations, her past and her future.

Oct. 29, 2018

Citizen Jane Film Festival returns to Columbia for another year of celebrating female filmmakers

Over the years, the internationally-known Citizen Jane Film Festival has strengthened the community of women in film.

Oct. 28, 2018

LANCO kicks off Hallelujah Nights Tour at Blue Note

Country band LANCO rocked the stage on Oct. 24, playing their whole debut album live for the first time.

Oct. 23, 2018

Review: ‘Remind Me Again What Happened’ exposes wrongs of the past

When love, doubt, affection, and anger threaten the bond of friendship in “Remind Me Again What Happened," three friends must return to their past before moving on to the future.