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Around CoMo

Pride festivals consider new health and safety precautions due to COVID-19

While some pride festivals remain optimistic about holding their events later this year, many festival goers are hesitant to attend large events.

Around CoMo

How students are documenting their experience with COVID-19

Students are using social media to keep up-to-date with their friends and document their COVID-19 experience.


8 things to do when classes end

A collection of activities for when classes end.


The Dixie Chicks encourage fans to persevere, keep heads up in new single “Julianna Calm Down” following “Gaslighter” album delay

The Chicks’ mellow, heartfelt second single is exactly the pop-infused anthem is exactly what we need amid COVID-19 uncertainty.

On Campus

MU Visual Arts adapts to challenges of online learning

The Visual Arts department at MU is finding creative ways to adjust to online learning despite the loss of in-person instruction.


Emotional wounds come out in quarantine

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people scour for a source of comfort, support or love. It’s a month into social distancing, and now our exes are trying to reconnect via technology. So, what do we do when faced with this urge to respond?


In defense of Instagram story trends

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to seek out social media for attention and validation right now.


Old favorite TV shows bring comfort during crisis

In times of stress, watching a favorite TV show from the past might ease the pain


COVID-19 puts perspective on friendships: personal and virtual

By utilizing technology during this time, new perspectives on life can be heard and valuable memories can be created.


“The Witch Elm” offers spin on luck

Tana French has a usual routine of producing crime novels narrated by detectives. In her stand-alone novel, the new voice of a regular person is enticing.