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On Campus

Artistic organizations offer ways to become involved

MU offers several clubs that facilitate self-expression in different mediums.

Around CoMo

Columbia music fans will want to keep an eye on this semester

From local festivals to viral sensations, here are some concerts Mizzou students won’t want to miss.

Around CoMo

Columbia offers cultural events in the fall semester

This calendar provides different occasions to engage with Columbia’s culture.

Around CoMo

A sweet tooth’s guide to downtown Columbia

These shops and restaurants sell locally sourced, unique sweets to the Columbia population.

Around CoMo

Columbia has various festivals and cultural events – here’s a guide

Film and music festivals are just some of the annual cultural traditions in Columbia.

Around CoMo

Where to go when dining halls are not an option

Downtown Columbia offers more than one would think. Here is a quick overview of the range of restaurants found a walking distance from campus.

On Campus

Columbia offers opportunities for environmental volunteering

Here are five ways to help the environment while in Columbia.

Around CoMo

Local concert halls provide deep selection of music

Here’s a guide to local music venues both mainstream and underground.

Around CoMo

A guide to things to do in Columbia this summer

Here are ideas of fun things to do this summer in Columbia, which cost little or no money at all, and provide an opportunity to engage in community events.


Start the season off right with this summer playlist

A summer playlist featuring Alvvays, Vampire Weekend and The Beach Boys.