Local band Post Sex Nachos gains following in the Columbia music scene

The four-piece indie rock band attracts fans with their onstage banter and energetic shows.

What psychology can learn from film

‘Gaslighting’ is a tactic used to manipulate one’s significant other in a way that alters their reality. The origins of the term, however, are much more nuanced.

Is modern-day love really that modern?

Angles explores the origins of Valentine’s Day and the effects it has on the modern-day outlook on love. However, is that perspective healthy?

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Carrie Elliott’s ‘Animal Vision’ debuts at True/False Film Fest

Elliott created a display of animal eyes located in Alley A last weekend for True/False.

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'Shorts: Blanc' at True/False exposes viewers to new cultural traditions

The five shorts offered perspective on cultural traditions, religion and daily life of unheard communities in the international dialogue.

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‘Dope is Death’ frames acupuncture as a tool in the fight for social justice

Mia Donovan’s film ‘Dope is Death' traces the connection between the emergence of acupuncture and the social issues plaguing minorities, focusing on New York City in the 1970s.

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Angela Catalano’s art installation ‘A System of Hiding Things’ debuts at True/False Film Fest

Catalano’s installation allows for active viewer participation and many unique interpretations.

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Tonina brings enticing indie R&B stylings to True/False Film Fest’s Saturday night lineup

The St. Louis-based artist performed Saturday night at Eastside Tavern.


Documentary ‘Crestone’ explores the nuances of a handful of Colorado Soundcloud artists

Documentary ‘Crestone’ offers True/False patrons a look into the life of a Colorado SoundCloud artist and others from an unconventional point-of-view.


Pepe the Frog is finally saved by ‘Feels Good Man’

Arthur Jones makes his directorial debut with a funny, sad and incredibly informational film about a meme gone rogue.


‘The Mole Agent’ harmonizes comedy, sadness

The spy complex is just a hook, “The Mole Agent” is a gratifying film on aging and abandonment that stirs the soul.


The comical documentary ‘Dick Johnson is Dead’ highlights death in untraditional ways

Documentarian Kirsten Johnson uses her art form to cope with her father’s dementia.

Around CoMo

Inside look to how True/False Film Fest affects downtown businesses

As Columbia’s annual True/False Film Fest begins, local businesses downtown await the challenges and benefits that come with it.