Adam Friedman comes to The Blue Note

The emerging star talks goals, Uber and playing in college towns,


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Just a year ago, Adam Friedman couldn’t have predicted seeing his face on billboards or mobile apps, nor could he have predicted meeting Mike Posner, or a producing a chart-topping single.

Then again, just a year ago, Friedman was fresh out of college, writing his own songs and playing local venues around his hometown of Santa Monica, California.

What a difference a year can make.

To Friedman, it’s the small successes, the intimate, small venues he’s played, or the people he has met and touched with music along the way that he is most grateful for.

“You have to be bold,” the California native said. “This life we live is one giant game and the truth is no one really knows what they’re doing, at least that’s my perspective. I’ve had success and I’m grateful for it, but I can’t tell you it’s from me knowing exactly what I was doing.”

Friedman released his first single “Pretty Things,” where it eventually topped the Spotify “Global Viral Chart” in January. This led to a close friendship with pop star Mike Posner, who Adam featured on his most recent release “Lemonade.” Since the release of the duo’s single, Friedman has been featured on the the Billboard Top 100, played the Today Show and has booked a nationwide tour with Posner, culminating in a multiplatform sponsorship deal with Uber.

“I have to give credit to my manager Matt, he has a great relationship with (Uber),” Friedman said. “He showed them the music, met with Posner’s team and then after months of negotiating, it happened. It’s a really cool partnership.”

Still, despite the meteoric rise of a guy who learned to play his guitar by strumming along to each and every Blink-182 song, Adam still enjoys college shows because of the connection he feels to the crowd and his lyrics.

“College towns are amazing,” Friedman said. “When you play them, the crowd is young and when you sing about anything, whether it be having a great time or being lost in this crazy world, I think college students are the most relatable to what you’re singing about. Colleges have a different energy because they’re kind of kids like me.”

Friedman will team with Mike Posner for a show at the Blue Note before traveling to Austin, Texas, and before putting the finishing touches on his long-awaited EP.

“My main goals are simple: finish my EP, refine my live show and keep practicing,” Friedman said.

Friedman and Posner’s show starts at 7 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 4 at the Blue Note.

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