The Ten Commandments of Snapchat

Read up on the essential rules of snapping before you jump on the selfie craze.

The Snapchat app has become a huge communication tool, thriving off this society’s love of selfies. When it comes to sending a snap to our peers, though many of us are not aware of Snapchat etiquette. This is where the Ten Commandments of Snapchat comes in. So instead of bothering your friends with countless 10-second pictures of your cat, read these commandments so you can get some snaps back.

1) Thou shall not screenshot a Snapchat, ever.

The whole point is knowing you can send the most embarrassing pictures of yourself and not have them saved. When rule-breakers are out there taking screenshots (and Snapchat notifies victims, FYI) this confidence is diminished, and the snaps stop coming.

2) Thou shall not send a nude photo, ever.

You never know who is looking over the receiver’s shoulder. Also, you never know who is breaking Commandment #1.

3) Thou shall keep pictures of pets and landscape to Instagram.

We know your dog looks so adorable laying on the couch, but please.

4) Thou shall not send a snap for only one second.

What’s the point of sending it if we can’t even see it? But that being said…

5) Thou shall not send a snap for ten seconds.

No one needs to stare at you for that long! Ten seconds is an eternity in Snapchat time.

6) Thou shall not use hashtags.

This isn’t Twitter. Your snaps will not trend.

7) Thou shall not text the person they just Snapped in order to get a response.

We got the notification that you sent a snap, so we don’t need another notification via text. The phrase “I’ll see you when I see you” could never be more appropriate.

8) Thou shall not continuously snap someone who fails to snap back.

Consider: would you keep marathon texting someone who doesn’t reply? You would? Well, that’s kind of creepy.

9) Thou shall not snap a blank picture.

Those tend to have the sexy allure of butt dials.

10) Thou shall be aware of their appearance when snapping in public.

Your fellow Snapchatters will understand. The technologically challenged? Not so much.

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